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Eagles Locker Room: Defense/ST

Eagles Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis

On whether the matchup against Titans TE Delanie Walker was a concern:

"It was a nice play that they had called. We had an unblocked player on a blitz. They had Delanie Walker as a receiver and had a matchup where they had a faster guy than we had and we to get it down. But Delanie had a couple of nice plays and we knew he would, because he's one of their top targets. So we had a couple of plays where we were doubling him and giving him help and you can't every down. So we brought some pressure, it was unblocked, and they made a big play on it. So, I'm not overly concerned with our matchups. The guys that are in can handle it."

On what he thought about the defense's ability to bounce back from last week's loss:

"They forgot about it real quick. These are pros and we have a great group of veteran leadership and it's the NFL, it's the life of the NFL. You can destroy someone, you can be destroyed, it can be close, and every game is a game in and of itself and sometimes it's just not your day."

On whether playing a weaker quarterback resulted in more pressure:

"I barely pressured. It was all four-man rush and the ball wasn't coming out as quick. Their patterns were more vertically oriented, so it took more time to get going, whereas a week ago they were just the go routes. These were concept-vertical routes and our four-man rush did a nice job."

On if the defense playing at its best is predicated on a good pass rush:

"No, it's attached to the coverage too. You can't just say, 'Boy, that rush was good', because the quarterback might've had to hold it a bit longer because the coverage was so good. Then there are times when the coverage isn't so good and the ball is out. So they're tied together; They are completely tied together. You can't just say the rush did it and the secondary didn't or vice versa. A lot of times those sacks occur because the coverage was tight."

On whether they expected to see more complex route combinations from the Titans:

"No that's what they ran, that's what they've been running, and that's [Titans Head Coach] Ken Whisenhunt's offense. I was with him for four years and it's a good one. Those route combinations really challenge your coverage, so you have to move it around on them. That quarterback [Zach Mettenberger] really is impressive with the way he sits in there and keeps his eyes down field and is an accurate thrower. I think he's going to have a pretty solid future in the NFL."

Eagles LB Trent Cole

On watching the Cowboys game tonight:

"Oh yeah, I think all the guys probably will [watch the game]. Usually some guys don't watch other football games after a game, but I know I certainly will and I know a lot of the other guys will as well."

On the team staying focused going into today's matchup against the Titans:

"Every game counts. I think the league is up for grabs right now. A lot of teams are losing and I feel like we have a very strong team. I think that we can keep winning games as long as we go out there and play mistake free, be disciplined and beat the man across from us I think we can win games and keep this train rolling."

On the team's ability to get to the quarterback:

"We have to give it to the secondary, the linebackers and defensive line. It was a team effort, a lot of pressure from different angles. We did what we were supposed to do."

On playing the Cowboys on just three day's rest:

"We don't care. We're not worried about rest we know what we have to do in these next few days. We're going to get ourselves right and hopefully get after Dallas."

Eagles DE Fletcher Cox

On the defense playing well when each individual player is locked in:

"A lot, we always talk about it. We go in and try to dominate. We got them at third-and-long and just tried to get after the quarterback."

On how excited he is about the Dallas Cowboys game:

"I'm really excited man. Looking forward to playing these guys. We are ready to roll, we are ready for Thursday."                                                                                             

On how he was able to focus on the Tennessee Titans with a big game coming Thursday:

"We have to be mentally focused, just like every week. We didn't look at this week any different than we did the last. Everyone will be mentally ready to go in the game and play on Thursday, too." 

On the pressure the defensive line has been able to create:

"We are just doing what the coaches tell us to do and not doing our own thing. We are executing our game-plan and I think every guy on the defensive front is doing a great job as a whole defense."

Eagles CB Cary Williams

On how the team was able to focus on the Tennessee Titans this week:

"We understood after the performance that we had in Green Bay we had to make a statement. We understood that we had to right the ship, this was a must-win situation this week and we didn't want to lose at home. I think we did a great job in our game-plan. I think we did a great job of preparing and it showed out there today."

On how special the game on Thursday is going to be:

"It's huge, it's a big deal. Any division game is a big deal. We want to win our division and repeat what we did last year. They are a great opponent, they have a great team and are playing at a high level right now. We just have to go through the mental dress rehearsal throughout the week and then hopefully on Thursday we can come out with a win. We understand how important this game is."

Eagles LB Brandon Graham

On whether he will watch the Cowboys game against the Giants in preparation for Thursday's matchup:

"Oh yeah. Prime-time you have to watch it. I'm trying to get home now just so I can see what they're doing. The Giants run a 4-3 so it's different, but we'll know tomorrow on how they're going to try and attack us."

On how excited he is to play Dallas on Thanksgiving:

"I'm excited because I've never played on Thanksgiving before. This is a big prime-time game and everybody is going to be eating turkey, so hopefully we can eat some turkey with a smile after the game."

On what he thinks about the pressure the defense has been generating:

"I think it's starting to open up for us because we work hard every day. Sometimes it doesn't come, but you have to keep working. You can't get discouraged, and that's what we don't do, and as you can see, it opened up for us today."

On how big it is to play well and get a win before Thursday's Dallas game:

"It was definitely big time for us to go out and bounce back from last week's game and get back on track.  Whenever you get thrown off, a lot of people begin to point fingers and we don't do that and that's what I like. Nobody had their head down, we just came out and practiced and worked hard.  When you have a long season there are going to be ups and downs, but you just have to make sure you keep a level head and keep it moving."

Eagles K Cody Parkey

On whether he thought the kick at the end of the half was going in:

"No it was going right at the post and it showed some signs of maybe coming back in for me but that was a heartbreaker for me. That's probably the worst noise to hear as a kicker, that sound off the upright."

On whether he is able to put a miss behind him and not let it affect him:

"You really have no choice. That was my second kick of the day and I ended up having four more, who would've thought.  All positive stuff to our offense, for getting me the opportunities to kind of wash that one away. It's in the past now and I have to keep getting better every week."

On whether the rookie scoring record and most 50-yard field goal kicks mean anything to him:

"It's cool and maybe something you look at, at the end of the season. Right now all I'm worried about is winning."

On what he was looking at on the missed field goal:

"The wind was going kind of right to left and I think I didn't play it enough right. It went off my foot and sounded good and started going just right at upright. Of course it didn't bounce off and go in for me, instead it bounced off the upright and it's one of those that I would like to have back."

On whether he laments the miss more than the five that was made:

"Yeah I do. I think most kickers do that but at the same time it's something to improve on.  Next time I got to have it."

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