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Eagles Locker Room: Defense/ST

Eagles LB Connor Barwin

On DE Fletcher Cox getting his first sack of the season:

"I don't know how many pressures he has, but I know he has as many as anyone else on the team. If anyone understands how opportunistic sacks are it's me, so I know that he's been getting there and hopefully he can get hot now and start racking them up."

On whether the defense thought they could get to the quarterback as much as they did:

"We thought we could take advantage of their offensive line. It was really just about being discipline up front. We knew we could win our match ups; it was just about not being selfish and leaving a lane there for him to get out. We were really good as a group."

On whether he is a better pass rusher than he was last year:

"I think I'm a better player than I was last year. I think we have to improve every year, but I think my numbers are a bigger result of what we're doing as a group up front. I've had an opportunity to get some more numbers, but it's more about what we're doing as a whole up front."

On his ability to not just get close and get a hand on a player, but to finish and get sacks:

"I'm a pretty big guy, so I feel like when I get there I can take those guys down. You just have to have the focus and make sure that when you get there you hold on."

On the feeling of reaching double-digit sacks after just nine games:

"It feels great, but the happiest moment for me was definitely Fletcher Cox getting his. That's what's good about our group up front; I know that the guys are happy for me, but the best part of the night was Fletcher finally getting one because he's been so close so many times this year."

Eagles LB Brandon Graham

On setting the tempo on defense:

"We feed off of [players making plays around us]. When we see [LB] Connor [Barwin] out there flying around and getting [the quarterback], I was feeding off of that energy. Everybody was just trying to get after him, because we knew if we got after [the quarterback] and stopped the run, then we would come out with a W."

On what Barwin means to this team:

"He's definitely a great leader. He's one of our leaders, him and [LB] Trent Cole. I look up to both of them. I just try to get better with them each and every day; they push me to the limit in the weight room. You couldn't ask for a better group of guys."

On whether the pressure tonight was more scheme or good play from the defensive backs:

"I think it was more so [the play of the defensive backs] giving us time to get to the quarterback, because we knew if we got [QB] Cam [Newton] running around then his eyes start focusing on the rush as opposed to [what's going on] down field. So we were definitely trying to attack him and get after him. But that was a fun game right there. Monday night on the big stage, it doesn't get any better than that."

On having one of his best games after the change to outside linebacker:

"It's just going to keep getting better, as long as I keep grinding hard in the weight room that's all I can ask for. I let whatever happens on the field happen, you never know what's going to happen. But if I go hard 100 percent you always make plays somehow."

On next week's matchup against Green Bay:

"We have a huge challenge ahead. We definitely have to get after Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers can move a little bit, he's sort of like [QB] [Ryan] Fitzpatrick when we played Houston. We can't give him those lanes to run through because he can definitely beat you with his legs, too." 

Eagles CB Bradley Fletcher

On what the Eagles saw from Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin all season and what they did to contain him:

"You know Panthers QB Cam Newton is the type of quarterback that can make all the throws all over the field, so we had ourselves ready, especially since we jumped out to a big lead early in the game.  We knew that the ball would be coming out to us and we were able to make some plays today."

On interception return for a touchdown and what it is like to play with a large lead:

"When you get a lead like that early in the game, you know they're going to have to throw the ball to get back into it.  So we knew we were going to have some opportunities to make some plays.  I'm just happy to be helping the team. I was able to make a play on that and help the team put some more points on the board."

On whether the defense feeds off of the crowd:

"Our crowd is great to be able to come out here on a Monday night and have the stands packed like that.  Having them so much into the game and cheering for us so much, it just makes us, as far as a defensive player, want to play for them, play for our team and play for the organization.  It's just great to have those fans come out and support us like that."

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