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Eagles Locker Room: Defense/ST


On emotions coming back to Houston: "I didn't know what it would be like. It was a little weird before the game, talking to and seeing everybody. It was even a little weird at the beginning. Once we got into the second quarter, I kind of fell in and it felt like a normal game. It was a big win for us. After last week, we needed to get back into the win column, especially going to get a win on the road."

On ILB DeMeco Ryans' injury: "You never want to see anybody get hurt. DeMeco is a rock for us on defense. We hope he's alright. We will see what happens. Obviously guys will have to step up. I think the guys behind him are more than capable."

On playing nickel defense: "We were playing a lot of nickel anyways. They were in 10 or 11 personnel. I don't think it had a lot to do with DeMeco's injury. I think that was just the way the second half went. They made it more of a nickel game."

On both teams reaction to ILB DeMeco's Ryans' injury: "It just shows the respect that everybody has for him. Obviously, the guy is a leader. He was the team captain when he played here for six years. There are still a lot of guys that remember him and still are here. You guys know how he is with the Eagles. He is just a great person, a great leader. That's why everyone has a lot of respect for him."

On what it is like to come home to Houston: "It was great to come home and get a win. That's really all that mattered. It was a little strange before the game and at the beginning of the game, but then it fell into a normal game. It was huge to get a win."

On being surprised at second half 10 personnel: "A little. They had done 10 but it was more like an 11 personnel. They had success. They were running the ball a little bit in that, so we were able to stop them before they could score. We made the adjustments to slow that down."

On the role defense plays when there are turnovers: "We try to thrive on those situations. It has been happening to us as this season goes and we love to go out there and react and make the stop. Obviously, for us we didn't get the turn overs we needed to. That needs to be on us. If the team we play and the defense we go against gets two or three or four we have got to go get two or three or four ourselves. We kind of always compare our self against the other defense, but in that category we need to be a lot better."


On the feeling of LB DeMeco Ryan's injury: "It's sad to see someone go down like that. The only thing we can do is keep pushing forward. We know what we have to do as a defense and it happens in games. As a professional athlete, we have to go on to the next play and we have to play as hard as we can."

On overcoming the turnovers and pulling out a win: "It doesn't matter how it ends, we won this game. We have guys on this team that fight to the end and we do have a good team. It's some stuff that we have to clean up and some mistakes to clean up, but we have a whole week to prepare for the next game. This game is behind us and it's time for us to move on to the next game."

On the comradery and appreciation of RB Darren Sproles: "We're very appreciative of him. Playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and the backing that he's had since he's been here is a sight to see. To see an athlete run the way he runs and how he's so low to the earth is great and he just keeps up. Sometimes you're watching and he's getting ready to go down and he's still running. He's deceiving and I can remember times when I played against him when he was with the Saints and it was hard to find him. When I was playing defensive end it was hard to find him. Like I said, we're just very appreciative to have him."


On the loss of ILB DeMeco Ryans: "I mean it's huge from a leadership standpoint and obviously his playmaking ability. At the same time, we have other leaders to spread his load and really lead this defense. We have guys in the weeds that prepare every week for these specific situations and I think they are ready to fit in and do well with getting calls and getting us lined up. But obviously, not from a defensive standpoint it's a huge blow because he is the face of our defense and he is the leader. But, this is part of football and getting through the season. It's just a little adversity we have to get over."

On taking it upon himself to assume a leadership role: "Yes, not only me but Connor Barwin, Cedric Thornton and the other guys that is leaders in their positions. Even Mychal Kendricks will have to take more of a leadership role making sure we are on the same page because you miss the main stay in the middle. So, I don't think that burden goes strictly to me, but it is spread throughout the other leaders."

On how big it is to get the win after losing leaders on both sides of the ball: "It's huge. It shows a little bit of resiliency and resolve that we have as a team. We have guys behind our starters that go in and fill in and don't miss a step. It's just a good feeling to have."


On DeMeco Ryans leaving the field because of injury: "The way he exited the field, that is 'Meco man. That is the most consistent guy, every day he is the same person. That just shows you that even when facing a little adversity today he is the same guy."

On what Ryans means to both franchises and the reaction he got from the Houston fans: "He leaves an impression on everyone around him. You could see the legacy he left behind here in Houston, with guys coming from the other sideline and showing him respect. It's truly admirable."

On stepping up when Ryans went down: "I mean it's a game, we prepare for everything that could happen, but you just don't know what is going to happen every week. Today, we had one of our soldiers go down and we are going to ride for him. With that being said, people are going to step up to the plate and we are going to keep playing ball."

On Emmanuel Acho and Casey Matthews already having player this year due to injuries: "They are not rusty, they're ready, and that's why those guys stay ready and they prepare during the week just as well as anyone else who is playing during the game. We are very confident in the guys that we have on this team."

On what is the biggest impact that DeMeco has had on him as a player: "There isn't just one thing. He's just been teaching me how to come into this league and become a responsible player. He has taught me how to be a leader. He has played this game a lot longer than me and I have been picking his brain ever since I have gotten here and will continue to do so to keep learning from him."

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