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Eagles Locker Room: Defense

DT Cullen Jenkins

On cleaning out his locker today instead of heading to the postseason: "It'd be nice to be starting into the postseason right now. We definitely feel like we have a good enough team. Looking at a lot of the teams that are in the playoffs right now, we feel like we'd be able to compete and play with any of them. In the NFL, it's all about taking care of business when you need to and we didn't do that consistently enough. It'll be a learning process for all of us and hopefully a humbling experience for everybody and something that gets us motivated for next year."

On how much an offseason program can benefit this defense: "It can help big time. We have a lot of young guys along with people who are still pretty new and getting used to everybody. Building up the team chemistry, even with the coaches, will help out a lot."

On what he learned adjusting from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 defense: "Just getting back into the attack frame of mind. Being in a 3-4 defense, there is a whole different frame of mind and a whole different set of responsibilities, stance, and how you approach the game along with being on the inside rather than being at the end. I feel like I can play any position along the defensive line and play it well, so it takes me just a little bit of time to adjust to it and play well."

S Kurt Coleman

On his thoughts about the season: "You know, for myself I thought in certain areas of my game I definitely got better. As far as making the plays, doing something with the ball and being able to become an emerging leader on this team. But my job was left unfinished, I think this team's job was left unfinished and I have a lot to work for in this new year. And I'm excited because I think we have a great thing coming back."

On his time frame for recovery: "I already have full mobility back in my arm and it's just about getting my rehab back and getting my strength back in my biceps. But it's only a matter of a couple of weeks and I'll be back normal."

On whether he will have a full offseason: "Yeah, oh yeah, I'll be back for the first camps and everything."

On whether he ever had a question about having surgery: "No. Once I went in there and saw the MRIs; tendons are fine, it was just a little damage in the muscle to my bicep, but I'll be back."

On his thoughts about one thing that they need to do better next year: "I think just, I always said it every week was we hurt ourselves whether it be a mental error, interception, something we didn't do on defense, we hurt ourselves. And I felt like our biggest opponent the whole season was ourselves. In the first eight games basically, maybe 10 games, we hurt ourselves and we put ourselves in difficult positions to get out of.

"The back half of our season we knew what we were made of. We have the talent, we have the coaching staff and we just played football; we had fun and I think that's what we have to get back to coming into the new year is just playing together as a team, letting it all hang out and make the plays that come our way whether it be offense, defense, special teams make the play."

On whether he watched the game yesterday and his thoughts about the game: "Oh I was there, I was there watching it. It was tough. It was a totally different perspective, but I think everyone did well. (S Jaiquawn Jarrett) did a great job, should have had an interception if there wasn't a penalty. But I thought the guys really stepped up, took care of the season the way they should of and (we) have a lot to build for next year."

LB Jamar Chaney

On whether he thinks he did enough to warrant staying at the middle linebacker position: "I think I had a successful season. It's hard to say you had a successful season when you don't make the playoffs. I mean, we had high expectation as a team and anything less than winning a Super Bowl was not going to be a season that we were wanting to have. We finished the season strong and did some good things, we just have to make sure that we go into the season next year with the same focus and start where we left off instead of starting all over again."

On his next step during the offseason and what he will work on: "Just chill for a little bit, watch the playoffs, hang out with my family, friends and get back to working out pretty much after the Super Bowl."

On his thoughts about why the Eagles didn't make the playoffs: "Not being consistent on defense in the beginning of the season and too many turnovers on offense in the beginning of the season. Those are the two main keys of why we're not in the playoffs right now."

On his thoughts about not making the playoffs: "Yeah, we got hot a little too late. I would be lying to you if I said we didn't think we're better than some of the teams, especially that made it in the NFC but they made it and we didn't so we're not going to sit up there…and congrats to them."

LB Brian Rolle

On whether the defense can use the last four games as momentum for next season: "Most definitely. Actually, it's a must-win situation all the time because the league is getting more competitive as we go on. Regardless of who is here, we're going to work hard and build off of this four-game win streak at the end of the season. We're going to go out there and have fun next season because it's all about doing what we do, and then going out and having fun."

On what he plans to do in the offseason: "I'm going to continue to get better. I'm still young and I haven't made it yet. I'm still second-string in my eyes, so I'm going to work hard and continue to get better knowing I have to vie for a job next year."

On knowing that a lot of rookies made a valuable contribution this season: "I think it's a great job of them putting us out there and giving us a chance and we showed that this is one of the most talented classes that we've had. Next year, the fans can look forward to a lot of production out of this group. I feel like on the offensive side, (C) Jason Kelce and all those guys did a  good job taking over roles on the offensive line and doing a good job, as well as me and Casey (Matthews) on defense doing a good job."     

DE Juqua Parker

On what it means to have put together a long career in Philadelphia: "It's been awesome for me to be in the same place for seven years. It's a business, so you're going to see people come and go. I've been here for seven years and I saw it in Tennesse, and I've seen it here as well."

On how this season went for him: "I'm a little disappointed but I wouldn't take anything back. We had a great season this year and we finished strong the last four games, which was pretty awesome."

On what he can take with him for next season: "Just the last four games and how we played together as a team. We just need to take that to next year."

DE Phillip Hunt

On his thoughts about how far he's come from the CFL to NFL: "Yeah, I think it's been a process but you know, like I said before, I've learned a great deal. And the transition was rough at first but it kind of got easier at the end of the season. But I kept fighting, kept fighting and we won a lot of games at the end of the season."

On his thoughts about what he needs to improve for next year: "I'm just going to get stronger, first of all, with the offseason workouts, and then be ready by the time training camp rolls around and just compete for a job and work hard, that's all I can do."

On whether not making the playoffs will serve as a motivating factor in the offseason: "A lot. I know this team has a great winning tradition and I knew that before I came here. And we want to get back to going to the playoffs and getting to the Super Bowl and big things like that. So we just have to come with the mindset next year that we have to start early in the season winning games and doing everything right and come out at the end of the season in the playoffs and winning games."

On what surprised him the most about his first season in the NFL: "I think it was the speed and quickness of the offensive line. In the CFL they're athletic, but not as athletic as the guys in the NFL. So I think the athleticism of the offensive linemen in this league is phenomenal."

CB Joselio Hanson

On whether it was important to avoid a losing season: "Yeah, of course. You try to win as many games as you can. And I think that four-game winning streak at the end shows that we have heart and we have the right people here who can do it."

On his thoughts about CB Asante Samuel if he is not back with the team: "Oh yeah. If he goes it's going to be tough. I really love playing with him, everybody loves playing with him (because) he's just so much of a playmaker and just the feel we have together out there is great; the communication. When you play with somebody for three or four years you're used to having him out there."

On whether they could still be a very good defense without Samuel: "I'm not planning for anything right now. Right now he's here, but if he's not, (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) has shown that he can come in and play. DRC had a great game yesterday. But I'm not the GM, I don't know if Asante's going to be here or not."

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