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DE Brandon Graham

On whether he concerns himself with spoiling another team's playoff hopes or just wants to play well: "I want to go out there and win, no matter what. I'll always try to help be the guy to try to put the team in a position to win. Everybody should have that same mind-frame because we want to win. It just hurts when you lose a game like that."

On what the final two games mean for him: "I've just got to keep getting better because I've got a big year next year and I've got to finish strong. Hopefully, we can pull these last two games (out), so we can go in this offseason focused and ready to go."

On why he believes it took so long for him to get more snaps: "I don't know. You never know. I just kept pushing. I wasn't really worried about it. I was just hoping that one day, my day would come to be able to step up and show them what I can do."

On whether he believes the way he is playing now is a byproduct of more playing time or his hard work to improve: "Just the work and then the opportunity comes when they see you working and see you focused. I was just trying to stay focused, not trying to worry about how many snaps I've played. If we won and I only played one (snap), I'm happy. I just kept at it, kept at it and once my opportunity came, I was going to make sure that, at least, I was ready."

TE Brent Celek

On whether he likes the schedule that teams must deal with when playing in Thursday night games: "I'm not the biggest fan of them just because you don't have much time. But it's part of the game. Afterwards you get three extra days so it's kind of nice that way. In the past I haven't had any issues with it. It just so happened this year I got hurt the game before it. If the game was on Sunday I would have been fine."

On whether he likes playing the spoiler role: "Well I'm not really happy (with) the way any of it is turning out. Us being the spoiler, we can do that. (The Redskins) are going to be ready to go when they come in here because they've got playoffs in their minds. They're going to be ready to go so we're going to have to be geared up and ready to stop them."

DT Cullen Jenkins

On playing the Redskins this week: "They have a lot to play for right now, as do we as far as playing against them. (It is the) last home game (so we're) trying to give fans a show out here. (We) have to get a big win this week."

On whether he feels like QB Nick Foles has matured as a player this year: "Every time you get playing experience you have to grow up. That experience is so helpful just playing-wise just going into next year for him. You get on-the-field, in-game experience."

On the difficulty of knowing the team is playing spoiler instead of playing for a spot in the playoffs: "Really tough. Even last year when you sat back and looked at it, one of the most difficult things about it was you get down to a time like this and you look at how the race is and how it sets up, the records (of the other teams) aren't that great. To still not have a shot at it, that's what makes it most difficult of all. (You say), 'Man, it's set up perfectly for us to have a shot at it.' But we didn't hold up our end."

On how DT Fletcher Cox has matured as a player this year: "Like I was telling you before about Nick, it's the playing experience, getting out there, getting used to going against a different offensive line, knowing what to look for and how to study. He's made huge strides since the beginning of the season. He's got so much potential and substantial ability. He's going to continue to get better."

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

On what he remembers about the team's first meeting with the Redskins this season: "Fourteen for fifteen. Not really having any incomplete passes (by QB Robert Griffin III). That's the main thing that sticks out."

On how much the changes on the defensive line have helped the secondary: "It just allows the linebackers and linemen to be more aggressive. They're really getting after the quarterback. As you can see the last two weeks is the main thing is just continuing to go in with the same game plan and keep playing hard."

On what he is looking to improve upon during the final two weeks of the season: "Just getting the win to be honest. That's it."

On how many things have changed on defense since the wide-nine was eliminated: "There's more pressure to the quarterback. The line is getting home so I would just say the pressure."

On whether the young players on defense can be considered a good foundation for the future: "You can say the future is looking good. Guys are really starting to come into their own and just playing (hard) and getting that game experience which is really good. (They) just (have to) take it into next season and go from there."

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