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QB Nick Foles** On what areas he has improved on in practice during the week: "I think (I'm) just continuing to grow. The more reps you get, you tend to get better. I feel more comfortable."

On how QB Michael Vick is doing: "Michael looks great. It's day to day, but I've been able to be around him a little bit. He's the same old Mike. He's getting healthy and resting his body."

On whether this week has been any easier for him than last week: "I feel more comfortable. I definitely feel like this week I've improved a lot. Just have to take it into the game."

On what he expects to see from the Panthers defense: "I expect them to come right at us. They're a very talented team. I expect them to play hard and fast. It's Monday Night Football, and they'll probably show me a lot of stuff. I'm just going to take it one play at a time and decipher everything."
On whether he needs to work on getting the ball out quicker or understanding how plays develop: "Understand what is happening and understand what they're bringing and what they're showing. With our play, just play within ourselves. Like I said, take it one play at a time and stay calm."
On what needs to happen to get WR DeSean Jackson and WR Jeremy Maclin involved with the offense: "I think just get them the ball. The key to having a great team and a great offense is having a great o-line, it starts with them, and then getting the ball into your playmakers hands. Those two guys are our playmakers so we need to get them the ball."

On whether he was looking at the screen game more last week than to his outside receivers: "I guess if you look at the film, I guess it would show that. I have to play within myself and understand what's coming at me, and make the best decision."

On whether things will slow down a little more now that the first start has gotten out of the way this week: "I hope so. This is my second start and the third game I've played in. Hopefully as things go on, it starts slowing down. I've felt more comfortable this week at practice, so it's just trusting myself in the game and getting into a rhythm."

On what he expects the atmosphere to be like on Monday night: "I'm just looking forward to going out there and playing in front of our Eagles fans. I don't know what to expect, I just want to go out and play the best I can and with everything I have. I know the guys are, too. I know this has been a tough season for us and a tough season for them. It's not over yet, and we have a great game on Monday night versus Carolina. We are all really excited to play, and I can't wait to go out there again."

On whether he is more comfortable with WR Damaris Johnson and WR Riley Cooper because of the practice time that they have had together: "No. That's who I decided to throw it to just based on what I saw. I'm just trying to get the ball on whatever play to the best receiver possible. Those guys are great players. I just have to continue to complete more balls, make better decisions, and not turn the ball over."

On whether he feels a comfort level with the receivers he has practiced with a lot: "That's not what is going through my head."

On how comfortable he is changing plays at the line: "I feel comfortable. You don't want to get trigger happy with that. Most plays have things built in where you have options. Sometimes, it's something that we'll go over in practice if we get a certain look and you want to do something. I feel comfortable. It's a matter of knowing the play, and like I said, you don't want to get trigger happy. You just have to make the best decision because of preparation."

WR Greg Salas

On whether he is anxious to show the Eagles what he can do: "It's always a great opportunity to show any team what you can do. I'm blessed to be on a roster right now. I just want to do my best to fit in and do whatever is asked of me."

On whether he feels most comfortable in the slot: "I played in the slot as a rookie and in college. I feel comfortable in the slot and I feel comfortable on the inside. Wherever I'm needed or wherever they want me to be is what I'll do."

On whether it is tough to go from a contender to a team that is struggling: "It's not really different. It's football, and it's still the same sport. I haven't gotten a chance to really feel it be any different. Just being here is the only new difference right now and I haven't really had a chance to really get into the flow of things."

On what it is like to be thrown onto a new team and practice right away: "It's different. You just kind of go with the flow and try your best to not mess anything up. You don't want to be the guy messing up practice. You just kind of do what you're told and get through it the best that you can."

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