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DT Mike Patterson

On whether he feels that he could play Monday night: "Most definitely. We'll see what happens. I don't have control of actually being out there but if he gives me the go, I'm going to be out there."

On whether he would be disappointed if he didn't play Monday: "No, not at all. I'm expecting to play, but I wouldn't be disappointed though."

On the toughest part of getting back on the field: "Kind of just flowing with the guys out there. Just hoping to stay with the speed and just keep on working. That's the only thing I have a concern with, just staying with the speed of the game."

On how many snaps he expects to play on Monday night: "I don't know. My guess, I'm probably thinking maybe just a few and not too many. That's all I can say."

On how much of an impact he feels he can make with his snaps: "I'm going to try to do my best. If the play comes my way or if I get a chance to make a play, I'm most definitely going to give it all."

On whether his belief that he will play Monday is based on his personal opinion or feedback from others: "Personal. Just personally, because I can't control what the doctors say or what's going on as far as me getting on the field. But I'm just going to be ready. I've been working out this whole offseason and even with these last two weeks of practice, I've been going out there running around, trying to get things going right for me. I'll be ready if he calls my number on Monday."

On how anxious he is to get back on the field: "I'm really anxious. I'm, more than anything, just excited to be back out there. It's a fun game. I really love it and it's just fun to play it and I just feel really happy out there."

S David Sims

On how he feels today following practice: "I feel a little bit better. I still need some more film to watch so I can get everything down, so I have no mistakes out there."

On whether he will be watching film until the game on Monday: "Oh yeah, I've got to stay in my playbook and stay in that film to have a little edge. Everybody's got a step up that has been in there more, so I've got to sharpen up my game with that."

On whether he is concerned that the Saints may target him on Monday: "Well, you know, it is what it is. If they do, they do. I'm just going to play football."

On the challenge of facing QB Drew Brees in New Orleans: "It's a big challenge. He's a great football player, so everybody knows that. My eyes just have to be great and I've got to read my keys and play my game."

On whether it is tempting to put more pressure on himself facing the Saints offense: "No, if I put more pressure on myself, then I won't be able to play my game."

On how excited he is to have the opportunity to play on Monday: "I'm extremely excited. It's kind of nerve-wracking, but I'm excited."

On whether playing on Monday night adds anything for him, emotionally: "Yeah, it does because everybody is going to be watching that game. Primetime."

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