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Eagles Life: All Aboard The EagleMobile


If you've ever been to an Eagles game, you know that tailgating is a huge part of the gameday experience. Fans flock the parking lots donning their Eagles jerseys, throwing footballs, playing music and of course, cooking food.

Anthony Byrne is one of those experienced tailgaters.

Byrne and his family have been tailgating at Eagles games for 18 years, ever since his uncle became a Season Ticket Member. In the beginning, the family would pile seven people into a Ford Conversion Van and head down to the stadium. Eventually, however, they needed something a bit bigger.

The EagleMobile was born in 2004 when Byrne's family purchased a 1979 RV that would serve as their new tailgate vehicle for all Eagles games. The EagleMobile rode on for nine years and gained a huge following along the way. In 2013, however, The EagleMobile was in an accident on the way to a game, but Byrne and his family wouldn't let that stop their tradition. 

Enter, The EagleMobile II. A brand new 27.5-foot 2014 RV that tows an eight-foot trailer. You can't miss it.

Take a walk around Lot E on gameday and you're sure to see the EagleMobile II and its crew. The mobile is decked out with Eagles graphics, all of which were designed on the computer and then made into a vehicle wrap. If you look closely, you'll even find autographs from Eagles players and alumni that are protected with a clear coat.

Visually, the EagleMobile takes you through some of the Eagles' most historic moments, with personal touches from those who have been there tailgating for years.

"Throughout the day people stop by, we know them all," said Byrne. "We had shirts made so it helps us recognize who's who every year. We made 160 shirts this year and we sold them all pretty quickly."

And there's more where that came from. Overall, there are 200-300 people who frequent the EagleMobile II every Eagles gameday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Byrne and his sister, Sam, man the grill and cook various menu items all day long. In fact, it's their favorite part of gameday.

"We all chip in. We go shopping on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and we bring a set menu every week," said Byrne.

If you're looking for a breakfast recommendation, Byrne's crew recommends the Irish American Philly Omelet, stuffed with imported Kerrygold Irish Swiss Cheese, Cooper American Cheese and Philly Cream Cheese, topped with bacon.

With all the food, fans and football, it's safe to say that the EagleMobile crew knows how to do gameday the right way. They take pride in their weekly tradition and most importantly, their team.

"Being an Eagles fan is an experience, it's not just the football," said Byrne. "It's an actual lifestyle choice."

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