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How did Nick Sirianni help inspire Greedy Williams' decision? 

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Flashback to August 2022 – the Eagles visited the Cleveland Browns for a series of joint practices during Training Camp. At the time, cornerback Greedy Williams was dressed in brown and orange, guarding familiar foes in Philadelphia wide receivers A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith. He'd lined up against them before at LSU during Southeastern Conference slates. 

"I played those guys in college so – I was getting a refill of them, enjoying the competition, and just making each other better – sharpening iron every time," said Williams, reflecting on the experience.  

 Amidst scrimmage commotion, Williams overheard Head Coach Nick Sirianni encouraging an Eagles player on the sideline – and it stuck with him. Williams said the exchange confirmed he "has his players' backs." 

Now, it's the 2023 offseason, and Williams' memory of Sirianni was one of a slew of green flags that signaled to the fifth-year cornerback that Philadelphia was the premier landing spot. On Tuesday at the NovaCare Complex, Williams signed a one-year deal to join Sirianni and his locker room – the cohesive atmosphere that's been fostered within it is one he's eager to be a part of.  

"For one, I like the team. I just know they're ready to compete, they play together, and they connect very well. There's a lot of things that go hand in hand with his team that definitely fit me," said Williams.  

"I was just excited to get on a team where guys are winning, happy, and, you know, enjoying it." 

 Williams quickly reached out to his new teammates, namely Brown and fellow corner Darius Slay, expressing his excitement to play together.  

"It's a fresh start, man. Fresh start. A perfect start, and I'm ready," Williams said. 

Williams was the Browns' second-round pick in the 2019 draft after an impressive performance at LSU that was recognized with All-American honors as the Tigers ranked sixth in the country. After promising beginnings starting 12 games as a rookie, he was set back by a shoulder injury that caused a missed sophomore season. Though finding productive moments during the remainder of his contract in Cleveland, the one word he chose to describe his tenure there was, "rocky." 

 Still, he's never lost sight of his potential. 

"I don't think I ever doubted myself. I always looked at it in a positive way. Everything happens for a reason. I kind of, you know, matured through that way, so it helped me," Williams said.  

In his new home, Williams plans to be "Greedy" on the field, fulfilling the prophecy bestowed on him by his namesake by contributing his ballhawking skills to the Eagles' secondary. But the football field is far from where he first earned the title.  

So then, why does everyone call him Greedy? He likes to answer that question.  

"Rest in peace to my aunt, she passed away in 2022. She gave me the name Greedy young, at six months. She said I was drinking a lot of milk and she just called me 'Greedy Deedy.' Well, my mom just left the Deedy out, and it's been Greedy since," he said.

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