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Draft Buzz: Should Eagles Jump On Pouncey?

In my Fan-Demonium column, I explained how there are some moves that could be made prior to the draft that have been in the works for weeks unbeknownst to us.

• One cornerback that has somewhat flown under the radar is Kareem Jackson of Alabama. I recently watched the SEC Championship game and he looked every bit as good as Joe Haden of Florida, who is the top ranked corner according to most people. Jackson has good size at 5-11 and 196 pounds. He has good feet and fluid hips. Jackson is comfortable whether pressing and being physical with the receiver or playing off. He looks very natural in man coverage. Jackson isn't a big time playmaker. He only had five interceptions in three years. He did break up 23 passes over the last couple of seasons. Jackson also will hit and tackle. He could easily be someone the Eagles wanted to put opposite of Asante Samuel. I'm not sure Jackson is worth the 24th pick, but he won't last to our spot in the second round.

• Florida safety Major Wright had a terrific showing in that same game. He posted a season-high eight tackles. Wright did a very good job of controlling the back half of the field. He tackled well. He took good pursuit angles. He didn't let players get open behind him. Wright isn't a ballhawk, but he will make some plays. He picked off eight passes in three years. He could go as early as the second round or slide down to the fourth.

• Some fans like the thought of taking center Maurkice Pouncey in the first round. I'm not on that bandwagon. Pouncey is a good prospect. He's the top center in the draft. There is a lot to like about him. I just don't think he's worth the 24th pick. I only take a center that early if he is special in some way. Pouncey has good size at 6-4 and 304 pounds, but he's not huge. He didn't dominate on tape. He's a good athlete, but not great.

• I re-watched some tape of defensive end Brandon Graham the other day. I still can't decide if this is a guy the Eagles will love or not. Graham was a tremendous college player. He did well at the Senior Bowl and Combine. The question is how he projects to the NFL. Is he big enough for end or does he need to play linebacker? At Michigan, he was allowed to slant and attack upfield constantly. Not all NFL teams will let him do that. I was hoping to get a better feel for his ability to take on blockers and to shed them. You just don't see that much in his college tape. He goes hard to the inside or flies off the edge. Blockers struggled to get a hand on him. I think a 3-4 team may covet his ability to run and fly off the edge. I'm not confident he'll even make it down to our spot.

• One prospect I've gotten some questions on is Northwestern defensive end Corey Wootton. He's huge at 6-7 and 270 pounds. Wootton has had a very quiet off-season. He wasn't able to participate in the Senior Bowl. He wasn't able to work out at the Combine. He is scheduled to work out for scouts in late March. Wootton tore his ACL in December of 2008. It slowed him down quite a bit this year, but he got stronger as the season wore on. The injury concerns would keep me from taking him in the first. The Eagles could trade back and take him. They could also trade up from the second round spot and take him. Because of his size I don't think Wootton will fall all that far. He is a talented, productive player when full strength. His workout for scouts and coaches will really affect his draft value.

-- Posted by Tommy Lawlor, 11:00 p.m., March 15

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