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Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles



On how the defensive linemen have adjusted to the style that new defensive line coach Tommy Brasher has implemented: "I think rep-wise, you just have to get used to it. It's just a matter of how much we can get accomplished in a couple of days. But I think all of them have played it at some point in college and coming into the league."

On whether he fears that the adjustment on the defensive line will not happen overnight: "Well, the football instinct will be there. It's not going to overnight because it's a different teaching from what they've been learning. As anybody, the first time you get it, it's not going to be overnight, but I think they'll grasp it pretty quick."

On whether playing less of the wide-nine scheme will be an adjustment for the linemen: "It is still a front. It's just a matter of technique within that front. There will be some different technical things taught as far as Coach Brasher's concerned compared to (former defensive line coach Jim) Washburn, but the front will essentially remain the same. There might be a guy stepping in or out depending on situation, but the technique will be a little different."

On how a scaled-back use of the wide-nine scheme will affect the secondary and the linebackers: "I think it affects you in the run game. It requires a little more study and sound gap-control as far as where their hands are placed. Not so much as what they're doing, but just to understand that the linebackers may not be as fast or slow as they have been in certain situations."

On whether the last four games outside of the wide-nine will help S Nate Allen adjust to the player he was before the scheme was implemented: "I think Nate will tell you the same thing I will tell you: it really shouldn't matter for the back end. You've got to play pass coverage and you have run-fits no matter what scheme you're in, whether it's 3-4, wide-nine or 4-3 read. Your run-fits as a safety are pretty much the same."

On Allen's struggles as of late after playing well at the beginning of the year: "I think a lot of us were doing pretty well and now we're not. I think you can say that about anybody."

On whether he feels Allen has lost any confidence in himself: "No, I don't think he lost his confidence. I think he had some bad plays and he'll be the first one to tell you that. That's something he's working at and he keeps working at and we're going to move forward from there."

On whether he has a theory as to why the defense has struggled as of late: "I wish I could tell you the answer to that. I would fix it if I did. We're working and we're struggling and we're moving forward together. I think different times, different plays, it's different people and we just have to correct the mistakes and move forward."

On whether he plans to rotate the defensive linemen as much under Brasher: "They'll rotate. You still have to let Coach Brasher get comfortable with the guys and then we kind of react and go from there as he gets more comfortable with them (at) the end of the week, seeing what they can and can't do from his own eyes. I'd like to give him a fresh perspective on that."

On whether DT Mike Patterson will be more comfortable with Brasher's scheme than he was with the wide-nine: "He has experience at it. I think he and (DT Derek) Landri have experience at it of late. The rest of the guys are pretty young so they're going to have to learn it and they'll be good teaching tools to help Coach Brasher as far as (helping) the other young guys learn it."

On whether he was surprised of the release of former defensive line coach Jim Washburn: "When you take a coaching job in this league, you learn not to be surprised by anything. But things happen during the course of the year; players get hurt, coaches get let go. That's called body blows that you have to take and adjust and move forward."

On whether the defensive coaching staff is all on the same page: "Everybody's responsible (for) the way we've been playing. Wash wasn't let go to (be) made out to be a scapegoat or anything like that, but moving forward, we're all responsible to do our jobs, coaches and players."

On how he has dealt with the defensive struggles on a personal level: "It is what it is. The numbers don't lie and I'll take full responsibility. From a pride standpoint, you hurt but it's not about me. It's about all of us getting better. My name being attached to it first makes me lead-dog, scapegoat and everything else and that doesn't feel good. But as a warrior and a player and a coach, you fight. You try to make it better and you move forward."

On whether he feels the defense will be better in the final four games under his full authority than they have been in the previous six : "When they gave it to me, I thought I was the authority over the entire defense. Whether we won the last six or lost the last six, we're going to try to be better in the last four games. As a coach, that's built in. That's built in your mentality."

On whether he can say he was the entire authority over the defense over the past six weeks: "Yes."

On his relationship with Washburn: "Me and Wash had a good relationship. Wash is a good man and he's a good coach. He was never a problem with me."

On the challenge of facing Tampa Bay RB Doug Martin while making changes on the defensive side of the ball: "I think he would be a tough back whether we changed the scheme or not. He's got a little Marshall Faulk in him. He can stop and start and jump in and out of holes with the best of them. He can make you take your gap and jump out of it and then jump back in the hole quicker than you can stop and start. That makes him a very dangerous player. As a rookie coming in with that kind of quickness and that kind of explosiveness laterally, it makes him a tough player."

On whether head coach Andy Reid consulted with him regarding Washburn before he was let go: "No, I found out when everybody else found out. I didn't have any input in that."

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