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Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott

On whether he is worried about his players being tentative before making a hit with the league's new policy: "No, I shouldn't. I mean, we're here to play the game the way it's meant to be played and I understand what the league is doing with the rules and we support their decisions obviously, but at the same time we're here to play the game the way it's meant to be played."

On whether he is emphasizing in practice ways to avoid hits that may result in suspensions: "No."

On Titans RB Chris Johnson and the challenges he presents: "Just having not played them every year, seeing him on film this week, he's unlike any back I've seen. He's explosive, he's quick, he runs behind his pads, he plays bigger than he is and if he's not the best (then) he's close to the top in the league."

On whether he thinks his defense already knows how to tackle the right way: "Well, you teach tackling from a fundamental standpoint from day one the right way. If you're doing it the right way from day one or you're teaching it the right way, from a safety standpoint, you teach tackling, number one from the safety standpoint, and if you're teaching it the right way from day one, then there's no need to change now. The biggest thing with that is that our players keep their head up and we wrap."

On how he prepares for both Titans QB Kerry Collins and Vince Young: "We just prepare for the team as a whole. Generally speaking, what they do offensively, philosophically on the offensive side of the ball and whatever quarterback's in there we'll be aware of what he brings to the table from a mobility standpoint. But we're just preparing overall for their offense."

On whether the defense is confident in stopping Johnson: "Like I mentioned earlier this running back is special, and as soon as you think you have him stopped, he cuts it back and he hits a seam and he's off to the races. He's done that against good defenses in the past and we just need to make sure that we're gap sound and that our cutbacks are playing the way we need to play the cutbacks."

On whether he feels six games into the season the youth and defense have turned the corner: "Well, we're going to continue to just work and work our tails off each and every week and try and get better each and every week and that will take care of itself. We just work hard during the week and work on the fundamentals and the techniques and the communication and they we just keep moving forward."

On whether he is happy with the defense's ability to be gap sound: "I am. And that's a credit to the coaches and the players and what they've done with the backs that we've faced. I think there's been some quality backs – I can't name them all – but we've done a good job. But as we all know with the run game, the minute you take a play off is the minute they hit you."

On DT Antonio Dixon getting push up front: "He is a powerful man, and he's worked hard in the offseason with (head strength and conditioning) coach (Barry) Rubin and his staff and then (defensive line) coach (Rory) Segrest continues to work hard with him and what he is now compared to what he came to us as are two different things. And that's a credit to his work ethic and the work he's done."

On S Kurt Coleman earning playing time and whether it was something he expected after the draft: "I think (head) coach (Andy Reid) mentioned this the other day with Nate. You're never sure when you draft a player what you're going to get. And we thought we were getting a player with good instincts and that's what we have in Kurt. So with that, that merits playing time in certain packages and certain roles, and that's what we've done with him and he's done a nice job with it."

On whether he has watched the video the National Football League sent out and whether he intends to: "We'll do whatever coach Reid and the (National Football League) office wants us to do there."

On why the defensive tackle position was so effective stopping the run last week: "As I mentioned before, the defensive tackle position is key to stopping the run and to your point, Dixon and (DT) Trevor (Laws) did a nice job and as did (DT) Mike Patterson. If you don't play well at those inside tackle positions it's hard to stop the run. So, most guys did a fine job."

On whether he is confident in having three defensive tackles on gameday: "I think it depends. Weather comes into play, obviously. And then the opponent comes into play. I think it's going to be a week-to-week decision, honestly."

On whether he will have three defensive tackles this week: "We'll see come gametime."

On whether LB Stewart Bradley showed him anything last week: "Yeah, I thought Stewart had his best game of the year last week and it started with the first series when he had the sack and it just continued on throughout the game. When they went no huddle on us, how he got us lined up, and really did a fine job."

On the play of LB Moise Fokou since being inserted into the starting lineup: "Yeah, he's done a good job and he's been a part of us being able to stop the run the way we have. And just like all of us he's going to continue to work hard and try to get better each week."

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