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CB Victor "Macho" Harris

On being drafted by the Eagles:"I feel great. I thank God for this opportunity. I've been waiting, it's been a long ride and to be drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles, I'm close to home. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to have great player. I'm going to be coachable and a game-changer, so they don't have to worry about that. I'm so excited man."

On playing both offense and defense in college and being able to focus on defense in the NFL: "Doing it in college I had to make my mind up and do it all to help the team. We wanted to go out as a team and win the BCS or what not and it's exciting. Just to come back and be drafted by the Eagles, it's exciting."

On his draft-day experience: "My day has been long but very blessed. I'm happy now. I'm glad and like I said, I'm an Eagle now so I'm not worried about it. I'm excited to go up there and play with all these great guys like (CB) Asante Samuel and (CB) (Ellis) Hobbs. Those guys are great veterans in the game and I'm excited to come in and learn from those guys because those guys right there are some great guys. I'm ready to go in and listen and play my role and come in and play ball."

On how he got his nickname, 'Macho':"When I was two years old my dad said I was very challenging. I was running around the house with my bike and stuff being a little challenging boy and he wanted to name a challenging name, a tough name, a masculine name like Macho. It's stuck with me ever since."

On his knowledge of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson: "I know he likes to attack. The front seven is going to attack and the secondary has to hold up. Like I said they have great players in the secondary that hold up throughout the years. All I can do is come in and continue the tradition of a great secondary and continue the (tradition) of great defensive players that the Eagles have had. I'm excited to go ahead and make it happen."

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