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CB Rodgers-Cromartie, TE Harbor

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

On what he is working on specifically during this mini-camp: "Basically just the discipline with my eyes. I tend to look in the backfield a lot. I'm basically working on my eyes this year."

On how much having the OTAs this offseasons helps: "It helps a lot. You're out here competing with one another. Our receiving corps has some pretty good guys and our quarterback is one of the best. Just coming out here and competing every day helps a lot."

On facing WR DeSean Jackson one-on-one: "He's got the speed out there right now. I underestimated his speed out there a little bit, and he's a lot faster than I thought he was. At the same time, it's all a competition."

On how much his relationship with CB Nnamdi Asomugha has improved over the course of the OTAs: "I think he's a little more vocal this year as far as talking to me and helping me understand some of the things that I might not know. He's trying to be a leader."

On his impressions of new secondary coach Todd Bowles: "He's kind of quiet right now, but in the meetings rooms he explains most things to a tee. As far as talking loudly and being rowdy, he isn't that kind of coach. He's like me, laid back."

TE Clay Harbor

On the competition for the backup tight end spots: "We have a great group of tight ends here. Obviously, Brent (Celek) is one the best tight ends in football, and watching film on him, I really believe that. He blocks better than any tight end I've seen. You guys obviously see his numbers in a receiving aspect. With Chase and Brett, you see two big guys who can run and catch the ball well. We're all helping each other get better. It's definitely a good room, and we're all just working together to try and be the best we can be. Both of those guys have impressed me, for as big as they are, to be as fast and agile. They make great plays on the ball. We have a great group of tight ends here."

On whether he feels secure having had another year of experience under his belt: "You never feel secure. You always just want to push to get better, and do as much as you can do to become a better player. Personally, I feel that if I play well, things will work out for me. If you play well and work hard, things will work out."

On what he is trying to improve on from a season ago: "Going back and watching the film with the coaches. Brent and I have watched a bunch of games to see what we can do better. We just want to be more reliable, and we just want to have a chance in the pass game to make some plays. There were a few opportunities that we had to make more plays in the passing game, and that was one of the first things we talked about was every time we get an opportunity, you have to make a play.

"You can create a mismatch problem with two tight end sets because a lot of teams will stay base on us rather than switching to a nickel front. In the run game and blocking game as well, personally for me, I have been watching a lot of Brent's film to see how well he does blocking against (DeMarcus) Ware and (Brian) Orakpo. He does a great job on them and I've been watching film on those guys since we see them twice a year. If you can do a good job on them, the rest is downhill because they are two of the best tight ends in the league.

"We also talked about being physical in the run game and giving LeSean (McCoy) holes. We've made a couple more reads in our offense to where if a defender jumps one way, we can just use his leverage against him and give LeSean a read off of us."

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