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CB Jordan Poyer Conference Call

On why he thinks he slipped to the seventh round: "I have no idea. Like I said, I was just happy to go somewhere. It has been a long couple days for sure, but at the end of the day I knew if I got an opportunity I was going to make the most of it."

On going up against a Chip Kelly offense: "It was hard. It was fast tempo the whole game. When that offense gets in the red zone, it's hard to stop. Going up against it for four years, I never got a win against Oregon, but like I said, I respect Coach Kelly and all of what he does and how he coaches, so I'm excited."

On whether he played special teams in college and how that could help him make the team: "Yes. (Last year) I mainly did gunning on going-in punts, to down the ball inside the 10-yard line. It was mostly because they didn't want me out there getting hurt. I am ready to play wherever they need me. I'll play on all special teams and however they want to use me I'm ready."

On whether he thinks the Combine is not a good way to judge his true skills: "It's kind of hard. Obviously some people look at those numbers and really draft off of those numbers. Like I always say, I may not be the biggest guy out there or maybe the most athletic guy out there, but I'm a football player. I understand the game, I understand schemes, I understand offenses, I know my body and I know who I'm going against. I'll use that to the best of my advantage and it makes me the player who I am."

On what the last few days have been like for him: "It has been a long couple days, that's for sure. It's just been a long couple days. (My family and I) all got together yesterday to watch the second and third round. I was just hanging out with my buddies today watching it. When I got the call, they were all excited for me. It was a long couple days, but like I said I was just happy to go somewhere. I know I'll make the most of my opportunity."

On whether it was agonizing to watch the whole draft and not get picked until the seventh round: "It was, but I kind of want to have an idea of who passed me up because I kind of use that stuff when I play. I'll remember who passed me up and I'll use it and let it fuel me."

On whether he feels like he has a chance to come in and play: "That's my plan. I just want to come in here and show what I can do. I know once I get the opportunity and once I grasp the playbook, I think that I'll have an opportunity to play. I'm just going to learn from the older guys, learn from the vets and just make the most of the opportunity."

On his role in the defense in college: "I played a lot of man and zone. My senior year was kind of when we opened up our defensive playbook a lot. I came inside in the nickel. I probably played more snaps in the nickel than I did on the outside during my senior year. It was a lot of man, a lot of zone, a lot of different combinations of coverages. I feel like the defense that I played in at Oregon State will help me transition over to the NFL."

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