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CB Ellis Hobbs, S Kurt Coleman

CB Ellis Hobbs

On whether he is playing with a chip on his shoulder this year: "I try to play with it all of the time. Last year, like you said there was a little alter, things were different for me and I was never in a situation like that before. I just reverted back to what got me here. This year you've got to have that dog in you. And I think that when you are youre worst critic and you're always on yourself, that's when you really become the player that you want to be because you can't run from yourself, you know the truth."

* On the difficulty of the cornerback position*
: "When you get out there at the end of the day, especially at the corner position, no one cares. No one cares if you slip, no one cares that you're having a bad day, or if something is going on in your personal life. This league's about making plays and making plays right now. So like I said I just try to take out all of that for myself to make sure that I'm successful at the end of the day."

On what mind games he plays with himself to keep his edge: "I try to make everything around me and everybody else around me negative. I try to keep in my mind what people are saying about me. It might not necessarily be true, but I think that when you get to this part of camp and this part of your career you get in kind of a repetition mode. You have to continue to change the game to alter yourself so that you can stay up with the game because the game changes daily."

On being considered small for a cornerback and how he makes up for it: "It's just like the question you asked, I play those mind games on myself. I tell myself that I am too small, and this is what people think about you. I go out there and think that my technique alone, along with my physical capabilities is going to bring me through. I consider myself a tremendous athlete as far as being able to run, cover, jump, all of those things. But the underside of that is that I am smaller than most of the guys out there. So I have to be that much more sound in my technique, back peddling, hip turns, quarterback to the receiver, all of those things have to come into play."

On whether in this stage of his career is he still learning things as a cornerback: "There's no question. I think that I've made the most strides in my career at this point from the beginning of training camp to now. But I think that when you stop learning the game then it's time to give it up. Because the game is always changing, and I like to consider myself always in second place chasing first, but I have to understand that there's always someone looking at me thinking the same way that I'm looking at first place. If I can always keep myself in that middle and keep that dog in me then I'm going to be here for a while."

S Kurt Coleman

On whether he thinks about the cuts coming up: "No, the numbers game will get you worrying; it'll get you playing a bad game with your head. I just have to continue to go out here and get better every day, and show the coaches that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make this team and to get better."

On whether it takes a lot of mental focus to get through camp: "It's a long grind out here and it's tough to stay on top of your game both mentally and physically. I think that's where the rookies kind of fall off at, and I'm just staying with the vets and learning a lot from them and just staying on top of my game mentally and the playbook."

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