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CB Brandon Boykin

On whether the Eagles were among the teams that showed interest in him: "They were. I had talked to them at the (NFL) Combine and I was able to talk to them at the Senior Bowl before that. They were definitely one of the teams that I was talking to throughout the process. I'm really excited to be an Eagle, for sure."

On what he knows about the Eagles' defense and their secondary: "I know they have two great corners. I know that they do play a lot of slot. Me being a slot guy I feel like I'm somebody that can come in and compete in the slot. I can play inside and outside, I can be a return man, kick returner and punt returner. I'm expecting to be used in a lot of ways, so I'm just excited for the whole opportunity."

On what he has to do differently in the slot compared to playing on the outside: "There's a little more space and there's a lot more responsibility for you to be in the run game and be in the pass game as well. It definitely takes a smart player to be actually a linebacker. For me to be able to do that for the Eagles I'm definitely excited about it."

On how much he played in the slot compared to the outside in college: "I played in the slot a whole lot. I played every third down situation. When we were doing nickel packages I would play. I played outside whenever it was first or second down and then I would slide from the outside to go the nickel position, so I'm pretty comfortable with both."

On how close he is to being back to full strength: "Very close. By the time rookie camp rolls around I'll be – and definitely by the time the season starts. I'm just excited about this whole thing."

On whether he was surprised about sliding down in the draft: "I was surprised. I was a little disappointed, you know, not really knowing why it was happening. Of course I'm sure my injury kind of played into it, but nonetheless, all I was asking for was an opportunity and I'm glad I got that. All I can do now is make the best of it and come in and compete."

On being both a kick and punt return specialist: "Yeah, I've been doing that since my freshman year. Special teams is something that I know I'll be able to come in and make an impact on right away. I know they're expecting me to do that. Once I get my hands on the ball and once I get in there and do those types of things, I feel like I'll be able to take over the role."

On whether the Eagles have talked to him about his role: "Well, you know, competing, to play in the slot or outside, punt return and kick return. The same stuff I was doing at Georgia and I expect that. I was very excited."

On whether he enjoys playing the run and whether that comes naturally: "I do enjoy it and that's something that I kind of get overlooked for. For me being a smaller corner and me playing the slot, people say you have to be able to tackle and I feel like my abilities to cover and tackle are up to par and the other skills that I carry I'll be a very good player at the next level."

On whether he knows anyone on the Eagles personally: "I know (former Eagles G) Max Jean-Gilles. He came from Georgia. Actually one of my good friends is with the same agency, (DE) Vinny Curry, your guys' second-round pick. That's very exciting for us to be playing together. That's going to be awesome."

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