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2011 NFL Draft Order Set

With the Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl victory Sunday night, the official draft order for the first round of this April's NFL Draft is now set. The first round will take place on Friday evening, April 28, with the second and third rounds taking place on April 29 and the remaining four rounds taking place on April 30, regardless of whther there is a Collective Bargaining Agreement or not.

The Eagles own the rights to the No. 23 pick. How does the rest of the first round look?

  1. Carolina Panthers
  1. Denver Broncos
  1. Buffalo Bills
  1. Cincinnati Bengals
  1. Arizona Cardinals
  1. Cleveland Browns
  1. San Francisco 49ers
  1. Tennessee Titans
  1. Dallas Cowboys
  1. Washington Redskins
  1. Houston Texans
  1. Minnesota Vikings
  1. Detroit Lions
  1. St. Louis Rams
  1. Miami Dolphins
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
  1. New England Patriots (from Oakland Raiders)
  1. San Diego Chargers
  1. New York Giants
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  1. Kansas City Chiefs
  1. Indianapolis Colts
  1. *Philadelphia Eagles *
    1. New Orleans Saints
  1. Seattle Seahawks
  1. Baltimore Ravens
  1. Atlanta Falcons
  1. New England Patriots
  1. Chicago Bears
  1. New York Jets
  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
  1. Green Bay Packers

After the first round, the Eagles have the 22nd pick in the second round, the 21st pick in the third round, the 23rd pick in the fourth round, the 22nd pick in the sixth round and the 21st pick in the sixth round. In addition, the Eagles own the rights to the seventh pick in the fourth round (acquired from the Washington Redskins in the Donovan McNabb trade) and the 18th pick in the fifth round (acquired from the San Diego Chargers in a 2010 draft day trade). The Eagles may also pick up one or two compensatory picks, which have yet to be determined.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 6:20 p.m., February 7

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