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Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles



Dance Educator and Choreographer

Hometown: Phillipsburg, NJ

Tenure: 6

College: Earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance with a minor in business from The University of the Arts


Community Involvement:

I was able to provide prom dresses of all sizes to girls in need. Collecting dresses and accessories from many parents and graduate students in my community. Who were willing to donate their dresses for a good cause. I also volunteer at my local food bank in New Jersey. Gathering boxed and canned essentials for the less fortunate. These experiences are heartwarming to me because I am very passionate about giving back to my community and making a difference in someone's life.

Favorite Appearance and why:

One of my all-time favorite appearances was the Inspire to Change event at Super Bowl 57. It is the NFL's social justice initiative to address the digital divide and the way it impacts the youth. Getting to see the kids' faces as we provided them with laptops made my day! I find great satisfaction in helping make a positive impact in people's lives.