Return Game

Season 2, Episode 8 - 44-6

Return Game: Birds, 'Boys, and Bad Blood, presented by NovaCare Rehabilitation, is the sweeping story of the Eagles and Cowboys Rivalry. T.O. left the Eagles surrounded in controversy, and fuel is added to the rivalry fire when he's scooped up by the 'Boys. In 2006, he was coming back to Philly and fans had their popcorn ready as they watched to see what would happen next.

The 2008 season had many bumps along the way but heading into the final game, the Cowboys (and some specific results needed in a few other games that day) were all that stood in the way of the Birds making the playoffs. Would the stars align for the Eagles?

To experience more of the rivalry between the Birds and the 'Boys, head over to: There you'll find photos, videos, audio clips, and more interviews.