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  • Huff Hopes To Build On Sunday Success

    You see the ability when the ball is in Josh Huff's hands. The speed. The explosiveness. The power. There are many tools in Huff's box, and his ability to use them with consistency is the key to his NFL success ...

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  • 360: Westbrook's Take On The Defense

    (3:21) Posted 43 minutes ago

    Spearheaded by Fletcher Cox's three sacks and two forced fumbles, the Eagles' defense dominated the Saints for most of Sunday's contest. Brian Westbrook breaks down its performance ...

  • 360: Westbrook's Take On The Offense

    (3:34) Posted 1 hour ago

    The Eagles' offense seemed to fire on all cylinders on Sunday against New Orleans. Is there room for improvement? See why Eagles Hall of Fame running back Brian Westbrook thinks it can be even better ...

  • Behind The Scenes: 2015 Playground Build

    (3:13) Posted 2 hours ago

    Join along for the fun as the Eagles and Eagles Youth Partnership transformed the Spruance School in Northeast Philadelphia during the annual Playground Build to give kids a new space to dream ...