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  • Keep Big Picture In Mind Tonight

    Pittsburgh is in town, the preseason home opener here, and the goal remains the same for the Eagles tonight: Play good football and find the best 53 players for September and beyond ...

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  • Press Pass: John Lovett

    (0:59) Posted 3 hours ago

    Defensive backs coach John Lovett talks about what the team saw in Malcom Jenkins before they brought him to Philadelphia ...

  • Press Pass: Jerry Azzinaro

    (2:00) Posted 3 hours ago

    Defensive line coach/assistant head coach Jerry Azzinaro discusses the coaching staff Chip Kelly has brought into Philadelphia and the great football background that each coach has ...

  • Press Pass: Bill Davis

    (1:55) Posted 3 hours ago

    Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis talks about Vinny Curry and the improvements he's made in the 3-4 defensive system ...