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Philadelphia Eagles

Lombardi Trophy FAQ

Can I bring people? How Many?

You may bring a group equal to the number of season seats you have on your account.​

Can I bring more than the number of tickets on my account? 

In order to accommodate every season ticket member in the most efficient way possible, we cannot allow additional guests.

Why can't I bring more than the amount of tickets I have on my account?

Our first priority is to accommodate all 60,000 Season Ticket Members.

How was the order decided?

We are working through all Season Ticket Member accounts by section.

What should I bring?

Please remember to download your mobile photo ticket and bring a device to take your photo with.  Dress for your celebration photo with the Lombardi Trophy!

Will there be players/Swoop/Cheerleaders?

There are no scheduled appearances by players, SWOOP, or Cheerleaders.

Can I touch and pick up the trophy?

At the recommendation of Tiffany's, the trophy will stay on the podium and cannot be handled by guests.

Can I bring pets?

Pets are not permitted during this photo session.  Please check back for Season Ticket Member Holiday Photos when your pets are welcome to join us.

What if I have scheduling issues?

All Season Ticket Members are offered 2 different days to choose from.  If you still have a scheduling issue, you can call our Fan Services team at (215)463-5500.

Where should I park?

Free parking is available in L lot (If there are changes you will be notified).

Is there a cost?

The event is free and an exclusive opportunity for our Season Ticket Members.

Is the photo location ADA accessible?

Yes, the location is accessible.

How long does it take?

Wait times will vary based on attendance.  Every Season Ticket Account will get the opportunity to take a photo.  Once your party arrives at the trophy you will have about 15-20 seconds to complete your photos.

Can my group arrive at different times?

No, each account has one ticket so while your group does not have to travel together to the stadium, your group does have to enter the photo station at the same time.

Can I bring a photographer?

No, we will have staff on hand to take the photo for you.

What if I don't know how to download my mobile photo ticket to my smartphone?

Please call the Fan Services Team with any questions concerning your mobile photo ticket.  We are happy to assist you!

Will the Eagles Pro Shop be open while I am there?

Please visit our Pro Shop website for hours.

How can I take a tour of the stadium while I am there?

The Stadium offers public tours as follows.