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WR Maclin, LB Kendricks, WR Johnson

WR Jeremy Maclin

On how difficult it was to sit on the sidelines during Thursday's game against Pittsburgh: "It was frustrating. Obviously, you always want to play in the game, but at the same time, you know you want to be safe. It was frustrating. To miss the first action against somebody else, you know, is kind of frustrating. Like I said, I'm good and I should be out there running around today."

On the importance of getting a lot of the players healthy before the end of camp: "I think it's just good to build that chemistry on both sides of the ball, to get everybody out there, the guys that are going to be out there during the regular season, get that extra work in. This game coming up is going to be our game that we kind of simulate as being the real season, so to get everybody back out there will be key for us."

On what he has seen out of WR Damaris Johnson: "He's definitely a guy that can make plays. Obviously, (a) speedy guy. He's got to continue to stay in the playbook and learn all of the plays. But he's definitely a guy that's turned a few heads during this training camp, so we'll kind of continue to see what he can provide for us."

LB Mychal Kendricks

On the speed that he showed on Thursday and whether he felt he was able to play naturally: "Yeah, it's definitely faster, but I felt good. It felt natural. It's definitely faster, but it's not as fast as I originally thought it was. So, I mean, I definitely feel like I can play in this league."

On how much of his play was reading and reacting to the Pittsburgh offense: "Most of it. A lot of it is knowing what's going to happen before it happens too. It's a mixture of both."

On playing with the Eagles' defensive front four: "They're aggressive, man. They are up the field. They get to the quarterback. It makes my job a lot easier when you have such a good line in front of you like that."

On the hardest adjustment he's had to make at the professional level: "I think just being able to use my hands a lot more; being able to use my hands a lot more with these linemen. They're really good and just being able to adapt to that has been the biggest challenge, really. But it's a good challenge, you know what I mean? Something I have to do."

On whether he is back in the first team nickel package: "As of right now, I'm back in. That's just for right now. We don't know. It's just training camp and I'm just doing whatever the coaches ask me to do."

On the difference between going from the base 4-3 defense to the nickel defense: "Covering the pass. That's about it. We're still playing some of the same coverages; (you) just have a nickel in there, different personnel. Better coverage, basically."

On whether it is a challenge at the linebacker spot in the nickel because you still have to be prepared for the run: "Yeah, I'm at another position too. So, I have to know two positions at the same time. I have to be able to switch my brain on and off to nickel packages and going back to base and going back to nickel."

WR Damaris Johnson

On whether he thinks having the ability to play wide receiver and be a return specialist helps his chances of making the roster: "Definitely. I think that the more you can do, it helps. Any way that the team needs me to perform, I'm willing to do that in terms of claiming a roster spot. I'm just trying to get the team to win at the end of the day."

On what it was like for him to be a part of the play during his first snap in an NFL game: "I was kind of nervous to tell you the truth, but once (QB Michael) Vick found me and I took my first hit, all the jitters kind of went away. After that, I kind of just started playing a little bit faster and not thinking as much."

On whether he considers route running one of his strengths as shown by his 70-yard TD reception: "As a receiver, that's one of the things you have to do. I think it took a lot for that play to happen. The o-line blocked really well, and (QB) Nick Foles avoided the rush. (WR) Mardy Gilyard went over the middle and helped me get one-on-one matchup. I made the play, and it just kind of went on from there."

On whether making crisp cuts comes naturally or it has been something that he has really worked on: "It's something we have worked on at practice with (wide receivers coach David) Culley. We just go in and just to dig out of every route, even when the ball isn't coming to you. Just go and run the route as if you know you're getting the ball, and then just keep practicing that. Practice becomes game-time, and it just works out for the best."

On whether he needs to show durability given his size: "I think a little bit. I think a lot of people doubt that because of my size. Based on when I caught the pass instead of heading out of bounds, I ducked my shoulder to take that first hit. Otherwise, it's just football and you just have to go out and have fun."

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