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Trainer Rick Burkholder

Opening Comments: "Just an update on [DT] Mike Patterson, some of you saw him today here.  He's out of Lehigh Valley Hospital.  As I told you a couple days ago, or yesterday, the days a running together, we would slow play this thing and really be thorough in our search for an answer and search for a treatment program.  That search has started today.  He's actually either on his way or at [Team Internist] Dr. [Gary] Dorshimer's office right now.  They're formulating a plan of second opinions.  He has an opinion here from Lehigh Valley Hospital which I'm not going to share with you because that just leads to more speculation, but the process has started.  I know there have been reports out there that he'll be back in a few days and all that kind of stuff.  Like I told you before, we're not going to estimate any time lost with this guy, or return to play time right now.  We're going to go through the process and he's going to start the process this afternoon with Dr. Dorshimer to get another opinion other than the people at Lehigh Valley Hospital.  Once again, we appreciate everything that they've done here.  They have great physicians and a great neuro department, and we believe what they've found.  We're going to pursue all of our options to give Mike the best chance to return to normal life, football, and all that being healthy."
On whether he can specify the grade of the AVM:"No."
On whether he was surprised to hear that Patterson may be back soon:"No.  I think Mike, I told you guys the other day, that's his desire.  You know he wants to play.  Heck, he would have practiced this afternoon if we would have let him.   That's normal, and that's why he's a great player in the National Football League is because he's got great drive and all that kind of stuff.  As the guy who's got to be responsible for Mike, I have to pull the reigns back on that and make sure we're thorough and we know exactly what we have before we turn him back in there."
On whether Patterson's situation is optimistic:"It's very optimistic.  Unbelievable today to see him.  He's smiling, he's happy, and the guys saw him.  I haven't been very emotional about the situation until I saw him today, so we're all upbeat that he's up walking around and wants to play football again.  We want to get him to make sure that he safely can live his life and play football if that's what he wants to do and that's what the doctors say is safe for him."
On the nature of his visit today:"He came to pick up his cell phone first because he was so lost without it, and his wife, her inbox on her phone was full.  He had to get a change of clothes.  We sent some clothes over which were Eagle issued gear, so he wanted his stuff.  I think he wanted to see [DE Juqua Parker] JP as well, he hadn't seen his best friend on the team in a couple days.  He just wanted to get with me about a plan.  I said look, right now you're going to go down to Dr. Dorshimer's office; he's got a whole thing laid out of physicians he might want you to see and be able to do.  That's where we're at, that's the next step.  It's Friday afternoon, so you know this process isn't going to go very fast, Saturday, Sunday.  Even though he's an NFL player and it's a high profile case we're going to have to go into next week."
On whether he is optimistic that he will be on the field next week:"It's very optimistic.  We're a long way from that seizure two days ago."
On Patterson's agent's comments that it is too soon to definitively diagnose an AVM:"Our doctors, Lehigh Valley Hospital, and Dr. Dorshimer believe that it's an AVM, and we believe that, in all likelihood, and there's no way to prove it, that it caused the seizure."

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