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Third Time The Charm For Eagles?

The Eagles lost to the Cowboys back in November at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles were shut out by the Cowboys last Sunday at Cowboys Stadium.

The Eagles will return to Cowboys Stadium this Saturday night in an NFC wild card playoff game. This time, the winner keeps its season alive. The off-season commences for the loser.

What makes the Eagles think that a different result will take place this time around?

"In the first two games, we beat ourselves," said tight end Brent Celek. "They did some good things. We ultimately feel that if we do what we know we can do, then we can be successful. I think guys here are very upset for what was at stake and the way that we played. We're not happy. The good thing is that we have a second opportunity to go back down there and play them - the same place, hopefully with a different outcome."

The Eagles offense set a single-season franchise record for points for the second straight year, but could not put any on the board last week. The Eagles were held to fewer than 300 yards of offense in each of the previous matchups. It's no surprise that fullback Leonard Weaver said it's "definitely tough to play against those guys."

"It's a long season. You've faced some adversity throughout the year. People are hyping (the loss) up because they're acting we lost the Super Bowl," Weaver said. "The bottom line is we're fighting for the Super Bowl. The bottom line is that was the end of the year. Yes, we didn't win the NFC East, but we have another opportunity and we're going back down there and we're excited about it."

Defensive end Jason Babin compared what happened last Sunday to someone throwing a bucket of cold water on you when you're sleeping.

"Last week is done. We get a second chance. It doesn't happen a lot," Babin said. "You get to stay in the same hotel. Eat the same food. Play the same team. We're hoping for a much better result."

So, how exactly do the Eagles win? Celek recalled what the Eagles were able to do at the end of the 2008 regular season when they embarrassed the Cowboys 44-6 to send Dallas home for the year. Unfortunately, it's exactly what Dallas did to the Eagles last week.

"We got after them quick, early. It was demoralizing to them when we got up by so many points so fast. I think when you do that to teams it's tough to come back," Celek said. "They kind of did that to us this past time. That's something we have to do, come out of the gate flying and keep it going into the second half."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 4:45 p.m., January 5

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