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Things I Think I Know About The Eagles

So we are in the dog days of the preseason, no question about it. The preseason still has two games to go, and the temptation to look beyond them to September 12 and the visit by the vey good Green Bay Packers is strong. But there is still a lot of work to be done, a lot of decisions to be made and, well, let's peek inside this team, deep inside, and talk about the State Of The Eagles ...

  • Where are tight ends Clay Harbor and Cornelius Ingram? It has been an awfully quiet couple of preseason games for both players and I wonder if the coaching staff will draw up a couple of passes for each player on Friday in Kansas City to take a closer look at their development. Harbor is ahead on the depth chart -- he is running as the second-team tight end -- but I'm certainly not going to give up on Ingram winning the job. He, to me, looks better every day as he recovers from the second surgery on the same knee. In retrospect, it was foolish of me to think that Ingram would come back without a hitch, and it made every bit of sense during draft weekend to select Harbor. I see the Eagles keeping two tight ends on the 53-man roster.
  • I'm taking the positive approach to the offensive line situation. Instead of moaning about the absences of Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson, I think Max Jean-Gilles and Mike McGlynn will benefit from the added reps in these preseason games. Herremans, barring any setback this week, will play against Kansas City and that is an exciting prospect. Jackson isn't counting himself out for the September 12 opener, and whether he makes it or not, he shouldn't be too far behind that date. In the meantime, the Eagles are building some depth for the line. They are going to need it. It would not be a surprise to see the Eagles go a player or two heavy on the offensive line when they cut down to 53 players in less than three weeks.
  • If you aren't pleased with the way the defense has performed, you really aren't paying attention. The starting unit has allowed one touchdown in three quarters, basically. That's pretty good. The Eagles had two takeaways on Friday in Cincinnati and put pressure on quarterback Carson Palmer. Stewart Bradley looks great at middle linebacker. The across-the-board speed is obvious. Rookie Nate Allen looks at home at free safety. I'm tremendously excited about the defense.
  • Hank Baskett is ahead of Kelley Washington as far as reps and depth-chart appearances go, as far as I can tell. Does that mean he is a lock to make the roster as a fourth or fifth receiver? I wouldn't say that. Washington is a super-competitive guy who excels on special teams. This is one roster battle that figures to be determined late in the process. Then again, maybe the Eagles keep six receivers after all.
  • I'd love to know how Sean McDermott ranks his linebackers. There are just so many of them who are good, young prospects here. How does he make a decision? Keenan Clayton has shined in both preseason games. Jamar Chaney runs, covers and hits. Moise Fokou is versatile and aggressive and is going to be a player in this league. How many make this team?
  • If there is one player I want to see more than all on Friday have a great game, it is Mike Bell. This team needs a reliable second running back. Bell has been plagued by injuries since hurting his hamstring in the spring. He runs hard, he has good size and he is a physical guy. Let's hope he stays healthy and is able to go on Friday, and that the Eagles give him the ball 8-10 times.
  • Sad news that former Eagles fullback Kevin Turner is suffering from ALS, as was reported over the weekend. Turner was a great guy while here in Philadelphia for five seasons and he certainly sacrificed his body for the game and the team. We pray for him and his family.
  • Depth-chart changes? Not that I see, but I don't put a lot of stock in the depth chart, anyway. I know a lot of fans are all over Joselio Hanson, but if you go back and watch the game against Cincinnati you will see that he played quite well. Yeah, Terrell Owens got him on the fade, but Hanson was aggressive and confident in his performance.
  • I love Nate Allen and the way he is playing. The Eagles have something good here.
  • I'm guessing the starters will play into the third quarter in Kansas City and not much more than that. It could just be one half, but I don't think Andy Reid will know for sure until he sees how the first-team units perform against the Chiefs.
  • Just think, if the league goes to 18 regular season games and two preseason games, the 2011 preseason would end right now. Do you think two games is enough to evaluate your roster and prepare players for the regular season.
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