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Sumlin Praises Kelly's Use Of Tempo In NFL


Head coach Chip Kelly and Texas A&M University head coach Kevin Sumlin have never coached against each other, despite coaching careers that have included a combined 11 different universities and spanned three separate decades.

But that hasn't stopped Sumlin from growing a glowing respect for Kelly's famous tempo offense, and Tuesday morning he spoke on ESPN's Mike and Mike about what he thinks of the tempo offense's increasing presence in football.

"You've seen Oregon do it for a long time, you've seen (Kelly) take it to the NFL," Sumlin said, "and a lot of guys understand a little bit about it but they don't understand everything about it. It's not that you can dabble in it; it's who you are."

Sumlin said he's always been a fan of what Oregon has done with the tempo offense since Kelly introduced his scheme in 2007 when he took over as offensive coordinator of the Ducks.

He's also been impressed with Kelly's success using the tempo offense in the NFL since taking over as the Eagles' head coach two years ago.

"I don't know that it's changed football, so much that it has (changed) certain programs," Sumlin explained. "It changed the Eagles, to put it that way. It put (tempo) on the map."

And it's not just about the offensive scheme with Kelly, Sumlin noted. It's about a dedication to running tempo offense that carries through the entire week, and the entire NovaCare Complex.

"I think Chip is so far ahead with what he's done, not just from a football standpoint but off the field standpoint and how they practice and do things," Sumlin said. "The big question was, in the NFL, was can a 35-, 38-, 28-year-old play at that pace?

"What they've done, not just on Sunday but during the week, to manage bodies? I think that's been the big difference."

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