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Straight Talk: Barwin On Going Green


I'm a big fan of going green. I think it's important to be environmentally conscious because this is the only environment that we have. There's no reason to not take care of it. All of us should really enjoy where we live and enjoy being outside.

I've been looking out for the environment for really my whole life. It was the way that I was raised in Detroit. My parents, Tom and Margaret, were always environmentally conscious. We were recycling everything when I was a kid. My dad is a city planner, so he was always talking about public transportation and all of those different things when I was growing up.

One of the ways in which I try to do my part is with my choice of vehicle. I drive an electric-powered Tesla. It's just like any other car, except that you don't have to put gas in it. I drove a Toyota Prius before that, which was a great car, and then I tried to go completely electric with an American-made car, so Tesla was the obvious choice.

I used to hear some jokes when I was a member of the Houston Texans because my teammates all had big trucks and I was driving a Prius, but when I explained to them how good the gas mileage was, they always had second thoughts about what they were saying to me.

When I'm not driving, I like finding other ways to get around. I'm a big fan of public transit and have partnered with SEPTA because it is affordable, it is clean and easy and on time. It's good for the air we breathe. I'm all for it and there are times when I use it to get to work here. I think it's great for communities because it allows people to get all over the place and get to work and different things like that. Again, it was just the way that I was raised. My parents were big public transit advocates and that has been carried on with me.

The Eagles are one of the greenest organizations in professional sports, and when I signed here I thought that it was really coincidental because of how I live. As soon as I got here, I noticed all of the initiatives they are doing off the field with the wind turbines on top of Lincoln Financial Field and the solar panels in the parking lot and all of the other things to help preserve the environment through their award-winning Go Green campaign. Besides the football part, that was a perfect fit for me as well.

Last month, former Eagles great Bill Bergey, myself and about 75 volunteers from the Eagles and SCA Americas planted some trees at the Eagles Forest in Neshaminy State Park in Bensalem, Pa. Again, that's the Eagles. They really do a great job with all of their environmental stuff, and I was happy to help out. I think we planted over 300 trees in the state park."

Linebacker Connor Barwin signed with the Eagles this past offseason after four seasons with the Houston Texans.

Barwin was a second-round draft pick out of the University of Cincinnati. Barwin is proud of being a native of Detroit and sports a tattoo of the city's skyline on his right biceps muscle.

Straight Talk gives the players a chance to explain topics and issues that they are the most passionate about. This feature will appear in the Eagles-Giants Gameday Magazine.

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