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Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher

On how the changes regarding the wedge rule on kickoffs have affected the team: "It's been fine for us, but I think that's an ongoing process with the officials. In talking with them before the game, the rule is meant to not have more than two people together at once for guys coming down to hit the wedge. I think the rule is a good idea. How they are going to implement that and make it stand week after week, I'm not real sure. In the games that I've watched, it looks like some people are adding an extra guy to the two-man to create three, but I think the rule is a little vague in how it's interpreted and how it is being called. I'm sure they'll get that cleaned up in the next week or so."

On whether the enforcement of the new rule regarding the wedge is something that he might not have sense of until the regular season starts: "I think in talking to the officials, in my mind, it's a clear-cut thing. There are only two people allowed to be together at once. The interpretation of (whether or not) someone is allowed to join those two after they get started is I think is what is being evaluated week to week. We've changed our schemes to abide by the rule and we don't have any problem with it."

On what the field goal unit can get out of kicking short field goals and PATs during the preseason: "It's very important because in practice you really don't go live against each other on field goal. You can't take the chance of someone falling on each other's foot or twisting a knee, so you don't get that many live reps and it's very critical and it's very helpful. If you look back, usually early in the year of a regular season, there is a tendency to see more breakdowns on field goal protection because it's something you can't work live (in practice). You have to get that work in preseason games. It's very beneficial for us. We need to improve at it. We need all the work we can get."

On whether a game like last week where K David Akers is kicking four field goals is helpful: "It's very helpful and it's always good to have your kicker to be put in those (situations). No matter how many years you kick in the NFL, it's still a game-winning kick and you need to go out and execute that. Dave did a nice job with it and our protection did a good job also."

On how WR Jeremy Maclin is coming along as a kick returner:"I know it probably doesn't appease the fans a whole lot but when he downed that ball that he caught four yards in the end zone that made me very happy. I know the fans probably wanted him to run it out, but to me that was a good decision. He made a decision that he wasn't going to try to make a play when it wasn't there and in a regular season game that's what we want him to do. You don't want to be taking chances when you don't have to and I was pleased with it."

On whether he is getting a sense of whether S Quintin Demps will still be the kick returner or if CB Ellis Hobbs will be in that role: "I like both of those players. I think they're both good kickoff return guys and whatever their role on the team ends up being will probably determine who's going to be out there, but I'm very comfortable with either one. They both add some speed, excitement and explosiveness to our return game. I'm pleased with both of them."

On whether he has thought about the situation with the Dallas Cowboys' scoreboard: "I haven't thought much about it but I know our kickers have. It's a conversation, 'how high is it actually?' Until you get into the stadium and warm up and kick the ball you really don't have a good sense of what's going to happen when you get there. My understanding is that it's right in the middle of the stadium and the field, well we don't want to be punting or kicking the ball right down the middle of the field anyways, so we're hopefully not going to hit it. My interpretation of the rule, and you guys can correct me, is if a ball is kicked and it hits it it's going to be replayed. Being a coach you never want your punt or kickoff team to run down the field twice because nothing good ever happens the second time you go down the field. We proved that in the preseason already. Obviously we're going to try not to hit the scoreboard when we get there."

On whether there are any younger guys that have stood out on special teams: "Absolutely, (CB) Victor Harris, (LB) Moise Fokou has done a nice job. There is a variety of young players that every year impress you. (RB) Eldra Buckley has been excellent covering kicks and doing all the things that he does. They play fast and that's what the preseason is for, to identify those players, put them in situations that they would be in, in the regular season and see how they do. As I said before, sometimes we react the way you want and sometimes we don't but it's better to find out in August than September."

On younger players who didn't play special teams in college and how they make the adjustment: "It's a big adjustment and that's why you have – if you look at the preseason there are always more big plays or I don't want to say mistakes, but fumbles, all those things happen much more frequently in the preseason than they do in the regular season because of those situations that you mentioned. These guys are not accustomed to covering kicks or being in those situations, so until they get more reps they struggle a little bit."

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