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Special Teams Coordinator Rory Segrest

On how close S/KR Quintin Demps is to returning a kickoff for a touchdown: "He's right there on the verge. He's running the ball hard. It was really good to see him after that opening kickoff, after the fumble, regain his confidence and show some determination as far as hitting it up in there. He really showed a lot of character in doing that. Like I said, he's in a position right now where we're getting some pretty good blocking on things and he's hitting it up in there hard. Hopefully, we can bust one of these before it's over with."

On what Demps' strengths are as a returner: "He's a strong downhill runner. He does have some good speed. That's one of the things, with the timing element of the kick return there, the blockers don't have to sustain those blocks quite as long with him hitting it up through the gaps. Everything's worked out so we're in a position to get up through there. We're one or two positions away from getting up through and, hopefully, we can get there before it's over with."

On whether he normally pulls a player aside when they make a mistake like Demps' fumble vs. New York: "Each individual varies. It showed a lot of character on Quintin's part to re-establish himself, come back on that second return and show some aggressiveness there in hitting it upfield. Each individual varies, but we were proud of how Quintin handled the situation there."

On whether Demps' fumble was a result of being too amped up before the game: "I don't think so. It was a situation where they did a great job of getting a hand on the ball and they just forced a turnover. It's the first time it has happened to Quintin; he's usually pretty solid in terms of ball security. I don't think it has to do with being over-hyped at the time. I just think it was a good job on their part and we have to make sure that, anytime we're in traffic, we're really covering that ball up."

On how much he thinks the team's returning has improved over the last couple years: "A lot of it has to do with the returner. We have some guys back there who are very capable runners and we've got some experience on the core units now. We have a few guys that we brought in who are really doing a great job and are able to sustain some blocks that we weren't able to sustain last year. It's one of those deals where we continue to work and try to improve each week, but again, it's the experience on the core units of guys just understanding where they need to be on those blocks."

On who some of the unsung contributors on special teams are:"(LB) Akeem Jordan is doing a great job for us, (LB) Tracy (White), (LB) Tank Daniels, (S) Sean Considine, a lot of guys that are just solid performers each week. They go out and get the job done and you really don't notice them unless they really mess things up. Those guys are really performing solidly for us right now and, hopefully, we continue to get some good results."

On Tank Daniels' offsides penalty vs. New York and how you keep that from happening: "It's a situation where you just have to understand where we are in the game. We try to remind everybody going out onto the field. It could have been a very costly penalty for us there. We just have to make sure that we understand the situation of the game, that everybody's communicating and that we're just smart watching the football. It's just like on the defensive line, you have to do the same thing. Understand where you are, down-and-distance-wise, and make sure you're keying the football every rep."

On what happened on the interference penalty on WR Greg Lewis vs. New York: "I think he thought the ball was going to get there a little bit quicker than it did. The returner (WR Domenik Hixon) was coming up to him and he was in a position showing that he was going to catch the football. Greg just kept waiting and waiting and the returner kept closing on him as he was closing on the returner. The timing issue wasn't there. In this situation, you just have to move out of the way and let him catch the football."

On whether Lewis' momentum carried him into the returner: "Sure, and again, he thought the ball was going to be there a little bit earlier and he wanted to be in position because it wasn't a fair catch. He wanted to be in a position where he could make the tackle on the guy if he did try to return it on him."

On who the backup long snapper is: "(TE) Brent Celek. We're in the fortunate situation where we have a couple of guys that can jump in and do the job. Both Brent and (DE) Darren (Howard) are good snappers for us. Brent's been taking the majority of the reps, in terms of the backup unit, at snapper and he's doing a nice job for us on things."

On when Celek began learning how to long-snap: "We had him working on it last year, primarily just on his own, but we've tried to work him in this year even more on some practice reps. He's made a lot of improvements there and he's doing a good job."

On whether Celek has been training to snap for all aspects of special teams: "Yeah, Celek has."

On whether K David Akers' recent success means he's over his early season struggles: "As we mentioned before, every kick is a different kick. Anytime you go out and take the field, you need to make sure that you're locked in on that particular rep. You can't be thinking about all that has happened in the past, whether it be good or bad. You need to make sure that you're locked in on the kick at hand. Dave's a professional and I think that's the way he handles things. He goes out and he makes sure that he's locked in on that particular rep. We feel confident in him in whatever situation we put him in that he'll make the kick."

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