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Special Teams Coach Ted Daisher

On how he landed back in Philadelphia after coaching with the Cleveland Browns: "I was with the Cleveland Browns the last two seasons and they let [head coach] Romeo Crennel go and I was fortunate enjoy to have [head coach] Andy Reid give me a call and tell me he was interested in having me come back to Philadelphia. I'm awful glad that he did."

On whether it was long after Romeo Crennel was fired before he was called by Coach Reid: "There was a little bit of time, I think it was a couple of weeks. I was looking at a some other places, some other opportunities and when this arose and Andy called me it happened pretty quick from that point on."

On the team's deep roster of kick returners:"Well, only one guy can return the ball at a time, but it is nice to have people who have done it before, who've been successful. [CB] Ellis Hobbs is a terrific kick returner. He was second in the NFL last year. [WR] Jeremy Maclin is a young guy with a lot of potential and we'll work with him and see how he develops. Those two, along with the guys we have here. I thought a year ago that [S] Quintin Demps was an excellent kickoff returner and [WR] DeSean Jackson obviously has tremendous potential."

On how he will figure out who will return kicks:"I've thought about it and I think the way that we're going to approach it [is] the guys that were here a year ago are going to get the first shot. DeSean Jackson as a punt returner, Quintin Demps as a kickoff returner and then everybody will compete from there. I think at some point the role that a player has on the team may have some influence over that, but we'll wait and see."

On whether the team is more reluctant to have starters play on special teams: "That's a good point. If you look around the NFL I think there are very few guys that are kickoff returners. There are a few, and we have some flexibility, so I think we'll see how that goes but Quintin Demps and DeSean Jackson, right now are our two returners."

On his philosophy on coaching special teams: "I think it's important when you talk about special teams that you have to practice with tempo. You have to set the tone for how you are going to go play. I noticed the last couple of years as I've viewed other teams, as I watch their film, you try to get a feel for what does that team like and what we're going to do is establish that here and get that type of mentality to our special teams here."

On how much he was influenced by Ravens head coach and former Eagles special teams coordinator John Harbaugh: "A great deal. I was here before in '04 and '05 when John Harbaugh was the special teams coordinator. He is a very, very good special teams coach. He's a friend, he's got a lot of knowledge, he's obviously done quite well, and has taught me a great deal about special teams. A lot of little things, how to attack schemes, a lot more than just that and you have to learn how to deal with people.

"Besides Andy I'm the only person that interacts with the entire team, offense and defense and all those different players. I'm coaching offensive players and defensive players, the offensive line for field protection, the defensive line, everybody on the team I'm going to have some interaction with, and I think John was very good at that. I think that's what's helped make him become a very good head coach, because you have to learn how to deal with everybody on the team."

On his active and assertive role in practice:"That's a very nice way to put it, I like that. I am hands on. If you want guys to play hard and you want guys to perform in a certain way I think you have to be a little bit of an example, you've got to lead and you've got to coach that way. You have to fly around and get after it. You want people to do that, if you stand there in a monotone voice all day, I just don't think that's going to happen, but we're trying to establish things the way they used to be when John was here and when I was here before. We had some very good special teams units, we're going to do our very best to get that established again and do everything we can to help our team."

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