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Sims Had Lions Game Circled On Calendar

Ernie Sims remembers April 19th well.

The team that drafted him ninth overall in the 2006 NFL Draft traded him away. Upon arriving in Philadelphia by way of Detroit as part of a three-team trade, he took a glance at the Eagles' 2010 schedule.

Take a guess what game he circled on his calendar.

For Ernie Sims, this weekend will be a chance to see old friends and teammates – and beat them. Make no mistake about it, homecomings are nice but Sims wants to win.

"I've been waiting for this ever since I was traded," Sims said on Wednesday. "It's a chance to go back to Detroit and prove myself and play football and win."

Not only is Ernie Sims an electric football player on defense, but this week he can also provide some insight into the Lions' trends and the personality of the football team. He warned his fellow teammates that regardless of their record in recent years, the Lions come to play.

"I told them in the meetings that this team is not going to lay down," Sims said. "They're going to fight all the way to the end. We have to be disciplined. We have to be sound. We have to go out there and dominate and play football."

It's also nice to get an advanced scouting report on the field itself. The Eagles haven't played in Detroit since 2004, and that game was the only one the Eagles have ever played at Ford Field. Sims, however, has played quite a few games in the stadium he formally called home. And he told his new teammates to prepare for a fast-paced game.

"It is fast, it is hard," Sims said in reference to the turf at Ford Field. "I'm definitely going to be wearing my knee pads. I learned that over the years playing there. It's a great stadium, beautiful stadium. It's going to be loud too."

Sims is thankful to be an Eagle. In fact, there probably aren't too many guys that appreciate a winning attitude like Sims does. Drafted by the Lions in 2006, Sims never had a winning season in Detroit. Heck, he only won twelve games in four years.

But Sims isn't one to assign blame. He knows his former team didn't have too much success, and he first and foremost points the finger at himself.

"I really don't think it was too big of a thing to overcome," Sims said of being a top-10 draft pick for a struggling franchise. "I think, me personally, I didn't do the things that I needed to do to help the team out to win. In the overall picture, we didn't have the right pieces of the puzzle to win."

Here in Philadelphia, Sims is an integral piece of an energetic defense that will be looking to help secure the team's first win of the season on Sunday.

-- Posted by Josh Goldman, 2:25 p.m., September 15

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