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QB Michael Vick

On how the first practice of the regular season went: "I felt great at practice. My arm felt fresh and my legs felt good. I threw the ball really well, and I had a chance to make some throws that I haven't made in a long time. It felt good to be back and I'm extremely excited."

On the level of urgency that the team feels going into this season: "We feel like there is a need to win, and win quickly. (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid talked to us today about staying the course, maintaining our focus, going in there week in and week out, and controlling what we can control. We can sit and talk all day until our faces turn blue, but until we go out there, we still have to make it happen. As a team, we're just excited about the opportunities we have as a team to have success. We have a lot of things to fight for, every individual in this locker room."

On whether momentum from last season can carry into this year: "Our whole thing was to maintain a certain level of focus and excitement within ourselves and not go out and talk about it. Internally, we know what we have. Last season is over with. We were faced with a dilemma and we came through when we needed to. We pretty much face a dilemma week in and week out in a 16-game season with the games you have to play. This time, we're coming back in with that same edge."

On momentum that really carries over: "It's a year's time – (actually) nine months. We went through that, and we know what we have to fight through and how tough it was. That was one of the reasons we were able to excel late in the season last year because our backs were pretty much against the wall. It's the same right now."

On losing QB Mike Kafka: "Our quarterbacks – and you've heard me say this all year – we just have a great group of guys. I enjoy being around them, and they're fun to be around. They make me laugh and they make each other laugh. Mike Kafka was a great quarterback, and Trent (Edwards) is, too. We try and help one another, and we'll be supportive of Mike until his last day in the NFL."

On his personal hunger and motivation level to put together a playoff run: "It's been awhile since I played in a playoff game. In 2010, we made it and it was sort of a different season. We wanted to win, and it was just like it suddenly happened and we were in the playoffs. I don't think we took it for granted, and we just didn't seize the moment. Now, it's all about seizing the moment - getting an opportunity and taking full advantage of it. As a team, we just want to put ourselves in a position to compete. I think that's where it all starts. Our short term goals are to be the best that we can be, week in and week out, and that's how we'll advance to the postseason."

On the Browns defense being hit with injuries: "They have some injuries, but when you watch them on film, they're flying around. They're doing a lot of different things on defense that they didn't show in the preseason. They're a good football team, and we have to make sure we prepare and we study all the looks for when we come out. Just like any given situation, if one guy goes down, another guy can step in pretty easily."

On how comfortable he would feel if QB Nick Foles stepped in and ran the offense: "I feel very confident in Nick's ability to run this offense. He did a great job in the preseason and had great numbers, showed extreme poise, and the ability to make each and every throw. That's what you look for in a quarterback – the understanding of the game, the big-time arm, and the poise to go out there and remain consistent."

RB LeSean McCoy

On the team keeping all three backup running backs: "It wasn't a surprise. Guys like that who work hard and want to make a name for themselves in this league are willing to do whatever it takes to make the team, I'm not surprised that they made the team. I figured that we would keep them all around. There is so much depth and they are young."

On whether he told any of them he still wants just as much work as last year: "No, I didn't tell them that. We have one goal to achieve, and they'll help us to do that. I just want to have fun and help them out. They will have roles this year. I remember Andy (Reid) saying at the beginning of the year that he wants to cut some of my reps down because of the number that the backs had behind me last year. I'm sure they will touch the ball. Bryce Brown has been doing a great job this whole camp, and Dion Lewis also. The four of us have been kind of working together."

On whether he has any personal goals entering the 2012 regular season: "I haven't thought too much into that yet. The biggest thing is winning the Super Bowl and bringing that type of atmosphere back to Philadelphia. As far as personal goals, I'd like to get back to the Pro Bowl. I think the key is to stay consistent. Some of the better backs in this league get graded on how consistent they stay. Definitely making the Pro Bowl or (being) All-Pro again."

On whether it feels different that the roster has been cut to 53 players and the regular season is about to start: "It's definitely different, especially with the mindset. You always want to go out and have a good game and play well, but it's a big difference when you know that this game matters and you're going to play a whole game no matter what. These are the guys you are going with, so it makes a big difference."

DE Jason Babin

On how much better the defensive line will be in the second year of Jim Washburn's scheme: "We watched tape – practice tape and preseason tape – of the same guys, and you kind of get goose bumps from watching it. People are going to be really excited when we get out there and it counts."

On which part of having another year in the system will make the biggest difference: "Really, for us, it's all about having the right angles, the right alignment, and the right steps. It's basic stuff, but the basic things we do can make a difference between an average player and a Pro Bowl player. Now that everyone has been immersed in this defense, I think it's going to be really special."

On whether there is truth to the fact that momentum from last year can be carried over: "It's better to end the season with wins than with losses. I think with the additions we've got with (LB) DeMeco Ryans and rookies like (LB Mychal) Kendricks really stepping up, and the secondary really improving during the offseason and in the preseason, the d-line entering its second year with (defensive line coach Jim) Wash(burn), there's really no room for excuses. It's all on us, and we're happy to have it that way."

S David Sims

On his journey to the NFL: "It's been a long time coming, since 2005. This was my dream. But I feel (that my) work isn't over; my work isn't over yet because just making the team isn't everything. I would like to produce for the team and be a star. That's the ultimate goal."

On whether he expects to compete for a starting job: "No doubt. But first of all, I've got to come in, get in with the team, learn and get established and everything, learn the plays before I can (compete)."

On how long the learning process will take for him to get acclimated with a new system: "I don't think it's going to take too long for the simple fact that the playbook is the same. But the terminology is different, so I've just got to transfer terminology and everything."

On whether it is strange that his first game with the Eagles will be against his former team: "Yeah, it is in a sense. But I just think of it as a new journey, as just opening up new doors for me. So it's weird, but it's not weird in a sense because I'm just moving forward with that. Not trying to look back."

On how exciting it is to be on a team with high expectations for the season: "It's very exciting because you play (in the) National Football League to get, the goal is to get a Super Bowl. With a team like this, it's a great team, a great organization, so it's really great to be in the situation that I'm in."

On whether he had to reassure himself as he found himself in and out of jobs in the NFL and what that experience was like: "When I was with the Giants and I got cut, it kind of put a heartache on me, because they made me doubt my ability to play. So I had to go, basically, back to the drawing board and work 10 times harder than I was already (working) so I wouldn't be put in a situation like that again if I had the opportunity. It made me open my eyes (and) made me want to work harder than I was already working. That's all."

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