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Second-Round Pick Zach Ertz

On his performance against Oregon last year including his touchdown late in the game: "It was a huge game for our season. The conference championship – I think we knew that we had to beat the Ducks. I think it was a great game by both teams. I happened to have, I think, 11 catches for over 100 yards and that one touchdown. I think (head coach Chip Kelly and I) have a huge respect for one another and I ended up playing against him. He always has a great team, and I think it was a big day. I don't know if it played a factor in the decision, but I think it might have been."

On how the conversation with Kelly came up at the NFL Combine: "When I first walked into the meeting room with them, he asked me if I thought it was a catch and I said, 'Of course it was a catch.' And he said, 'Alright, well the film doesn't lie.'"

On whether he sent a "Thank You" note to coach Kelly after the combine where he added that it was the catch: "Of course. I think one of the things you have to do in life is write a hand written note. I think that says a lot about you. I think at the end of the day I wanted to remind him what happened when we played against him and just to make sure that I got the last laugh."

On how he thinks he's going to be utilized by Kelly at the pro level: "I know coach Kelly is a great offensive mind and I think he'll find a way to get myself and some of the other tight ends the ball. I know there are a lot of great offensive skill position players on the team and I look forward to joining them."

On how his workout at Stanford with Eagles tight ends coach Ted Williams went: "Yeah, it was a good workout. I think coach Williams did a great job showing me the ropes and I learned a lot from him. I'm looking forward to learning some more from him."

On whether he thought the 49ers were going to select him with the 34th overall pick before trading out and what his reaction was to that: "I thought there might have been a chance. I kind of knew that they needed a second tight end, but at the end of the day, everything happens for a reason. They traded out for the pick and then I got a call a few minutes later – I saw they traded (the pick) – and it was coach Kelly on the other line. I was thrilled to see the (Philadelphia) number pop up on my phone."

On what it's like to play in the "golden age" of tight ends: "It's great. I think you see some of these guys like (Falcons tight end) Tony Gonzalez, (Cowboys tight end) Jason Witten, some of those guys being complete tight ends and being huge mismatches in the passing game. I'm really looking forward to showing off what I can do at the next level."

On some of the things he excels at: "I think I'm a very good route runner, I have pretty good ball skills, I think I play fast and I think I'm a complete tight end. However the coaches use me, I'll do great at and I'm going to work very hard at it."

On whether he got indications from teams that he was considered a first round prospect: "I think at the end of the day you have to take it with a grain of salt. I heard anywhere from about mid-first to early second. It just happened to play out this way and I can't ask for a better situation."

On being in a multiple tight end system at Stanford and how a player can excel in that type of system: "At Stanford we had three great tight ends. I think (Stanford tight end) Levine (Toilolo) will get picked either late today or early tomorrow and I think (Colts TE) Coby (Fleener) has done some great things at Stanford and he'll continue to do them with the Colts. I think all three of us were huge complements to one another and I know we have two other great tight ends on the roster with (TE) Brent Celek and (TE) James Casey and I'm really looking forward to meeting those guys and going out there and competing."

On whether there is a specific NFL tight end he models his game after and whether run blocking is an area where he needs to improve at the next level: "I think run blocking is something that all tight ends coming into the NFL can work on. I'm really looking forward to getting in there with coach Williams and working on that stuff and working on being a complete tight end. I think one of the tight ends I kind of replicate my game after is Jason Witten just because I think he truly is a really good run blocker as well as a pass catcher. They use him in a variety of ways and I think the Eagles will do the same with me."

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