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S Taylor Mays Scouting Report

S Taylor Mays, Southern Cal.
Pos. Rank: 3Grade: 1st RoundHeight: 6-3Weight: 23040: 4.32Year: 4-Sr.

The Good: Aggressive, king-sized safety who can be an intimidating force over the middle. Plays with a large degree of suddenness, flashes on the scene, and explosive at the point of attack. Very aggressive, displays a burst of speed, and drives through ball-carriers, putting his shoulders into opponents and then wrapping up at the point of attack. Easily brings ball-carriers down on initial contact. Quickly picks up cover assignments, displays a good head for the ball, and makes a lot of athletic plays. Big-time hitter and makes opponents pay for entering his zone.

The Bad: Straight-line defensive back who lacks speed to the flanks and overall range in centerfield. Plays a bit stiff. Struggles with coverage assignments. Lacks a quick backpedal and not smooth turning his hips to run with opponents. Slow making plays with his back to the ball.

The Verdict: An imposing looking prospect in the secondary, Mays plays to his size and can be an intimidating force. He's been very productive on the college level and is a solid NFL prospect, although his game does have limitations. Best playing downhill, Mays is likely to struggle in anything other than a zone system or scheme that asks him to play outside the numbers. He's best off as a conventional strong safety and a move to outside linebacker is not out of the question.

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