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S Quintin Mikell

On struggling to stop Dallas with the blitz: "When you play a team twice a year they've get a lot of familiarity with your blitzes and you're schemes. It is an issue. We didn't particularly blitz a whole lot last game and obviously, we know that they work on those things. I think what we have to do is, when we do blitz we have to execute better. I think we have to cover better in the back half."

On whether he was surprised by how little they blitzed: "No, we knew going in that was going to be the case. We wanted to let our guys cover and let that happen. (QB Tony) Romo, he had a great game. He was putting the ball in tight spots, he was accurate and he was on point. When you look at it, for the most part we covered pretty well, he was just on fire."

On how the Cowboys running game opens things up in the passing game: "That killed us. They killed us in the running game. That pretty much opened everything up, because in this game when you can run, especially this late in the season, when you can run it opens everything up. It helps in the passing game, the gadget game, the reverses and all that stuff. It helps screens and all of that. By them running the ball well, it basically killed us."

On why they were able to run the ball so effectively: "I think they have a very good scheme and they used our scheme against us and the things that we do. I think at the end of the day we need to get a lot more guys around the ball, we have to tackle better and we have to get off of blocks better. It comes down to just playing football."

On Dallas running the ball more effectively against the nickel defense than the other teams the Eagles have faced: "I think you have to look at the way they were running. They were running a lot of draws and the way their scheme is, for a team like us they did a good job. They let our fast guys, our (defensive) linemen, get up the field and then push past and it kind of creates a one-on-one situation with our linebackers. That's something that we have to address this week and obviously, we worked on it last week, but maybe we ought to go back to the drawing board and try something different."

On whether he would be surprised if Dallas had the same success on Saturday: "They have had success all year against a lot of good teams doing the things that they are doing with the running game. I know that this team, right now, we are definitely focused on not letting it happen again. We are going to go into this game with a different mindset. We are going to be a lot more focused. We know that it's one and done. We're going home (if we lose) and nobody wants to go home right now. We are having too much fun and we want to get to that championship. Everybody is focused on playing a lot better."

On why Cowboys TE Jason Witten wasn't jammed at the line of scrimmage more: "That was last week. I think for the most part our scheme worked, I just think that we didn't execute well. We didn't make plays on the ball, we didn't cover well when he was going over the middle and running the outs and stuff. Obviously, it didn't work last week so we'll see what happens this week. If I have to be on him all game then I'll have to do that and we'll go from there."

On whether the team had a players only meeting to discuss the postseason like S Brian Dawkins used to do: "No, everybody knows what's at stake. I think we all remember (Dawkins) and the things that he used to do. I think at the end of the day though, we came in yesterday and (LB Jeremiah Trotter) talked to us. We all talked and sat down, watched the film, went through everything and got it out of our systems. We know what's at stake right now. We don't need to be told what's at stake. We don't need to be told what to do. I think right now everybody knows what's up. We're ready to go right now."

On whether the lack of stability on defense with so many players switching in and out is starting to catch up to them: "I don't look at it that way. There is something to be said about having the same guys in each and every week, but we're not in that position because we've had injuries, and we've had a lot stuff (happen). With that being said, I think that the guys that have stepped in have done a great job. I don't think that it's caught up to us, I think that we stumbled last week. I think we had a game plan that we didn't execute. We didn't tackle well and we didn't cover well, and they played great. Sometimes that happens. Hopefully, it doesn't happen again."

On getting a lot of interceptions but giving up a lot of TD passes this year and whether it is related to the number of new faces on defense: "I think it could be. There are all different types of reasons. Sometimes when you are getting a lot of interceptions like that you take more chances. You try to rob routes more, or you try to do different things, and sometimes you take the good with the bad. This is the time of year when we can't have those lapses. I had one myself in the game. You never want that kind of stuff to happen in a playoff-type game. We are just going to go back to square one. Go back to doing what we do and just go from there."

On whether he would be surprised if Dallas changed things up this week given the success they had in last week's game: "Honestly, they did a lot of the same things that they did in the first game. They changed up some things though and that's what you have to do to be successful. I anticipate them, who knows what they are going to do next week, they might do something completely different. I think we are a little bit more prepared this time. I think we are all focused on different things this week. It's easy when you have a chance to get a bye week to lose focus and worry about all these other things, but now we know that if we lose we're going to be sitting home for longer than a week. I think everybody is on the same page now."

On WR Patrick Crayton's touchdown and what should have happened on that play defensively: "I should have been over the top. I was just out-thinking myself, trying to make a play and sometimes that happens. That doesn't happen too often with me and it won't happen again. I just have to stay within the scheme and those are the type of things we can't have happen this time of year."

On which player he should have been covering on Crayton's touchdown: "I should have been over the top for (CB) Sheldon (Brown)."

On whether players are confused about why they are not in the game as much anymore: "It could be. Anytime you're seeing the field and then you're not – but I know that each guy has been talked to and told why or why not, why they are not playing or why they are not in this scheme or whatever. Right now everybody, we just want to win. We want to get to the Super Bowl. Everybody has to put all of that behind them, come to work and do what they have to do to help the team win. We're not worried about, 'why this' or, 'why that' right now and if they are then they shouldn't be out there practicing with us."

On his alma mater Boise State's Fiesta Bowl win over TCU: "Yeah baby. That's the one bright spot of these last couple of days. My guys, they did a great job. Coach (Chris) Peterson got those boys ready to go.

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