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S Morgan Burnett Scouting Report

S Morgan Burnett, Georgia Tech
Pos. Rank: 8Grade: 3rd RoundHeight: 6-1 1/2Weight: 20940: 4.45Year: 3-Jr.

The Good: Physical, run-defending safety best between the numbers. Quick up the field, shows a good head for the ball, and has a burst of speed. Strong at the point, wraps up tackling, and brings ball-carriers down on initial contact. Fluid turning his hips to run with opponents in coverage, fast in a straight line or laterally, and displays the ability to recover to the action. Possesses a nice move to the throw and works hard to make plays.

The Bad: Slow to react and displays hesitation in his game in coverage.

The Verdict: Burnet possesses a lot of skill and the ability to start on the NFL level in a zone system that asks him to play between the numbers. He has limitations in coverage yet has enough athleticism to eventually develop into a complete safety.

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