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Roseman Confident With Roster

General manager Howie Roseman talked to the media following a flurry of moves at the deadline for teams to cut their rosters to 53 players and said that he feels very confident about the team's roster heading into the regular season.

The Eagles traded offensive lineman Stacy Andrews to the Seattle Seahawks for an undisclosed 2011 draft pick, but the deal wasn't consummated until after the 6 p.m. deadline, so the team released guard Max Jean-Gilles. But Roseman said that the team hopes to re-sign Jean-Gilles tomorrow, though he is a free agent at the moment.

As for the trade of Andrews, who was brought in as a free agent last off-season, Roseman said the addition of Reggie Wells and Andrews' admission that he feels more comfortable at tackle, allowed the two parties to part ways.

"I think Stacy feels more comfortable at the tackle position," Roseman said on a conference call. "He's voiced that and we feel with the addition of Reggie Wells and the health of our offensive line that we're comfortable at the guard position."

As a result of the trade, Roseman said that Nick Cole will be the team's starting right guard.

Roseman also addressed the acquisition of defensive end Antwan Barnes.

"I think one, we had always had our eye on Barnes ever since he came into the draft," Roseman said. "He's got rare speed and it's hard to find guys who can consistently get pressure on the quarterback. And it goes back to our philosophy here, that we're going to make sure our defense is able to get pressure on the quarterback and if we're going to go over at a particular spot, it's going to be on guys that can become impactful pass rushers. So we had the opportunity to get one at a value that we thought was pretty fair and we felt like the opportunity was too good to pass up."

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was the release of both Macho Harris and Quintin Demps, leaving the team with only four safeties at the moment.

"I think for us, we went back to what we felt were the priorities on our football team in our off-season in terms of numbers and depth and numbers at positions. Obviously we're heavy on the O-line, we're heavy on the D-line, we kept six cornerbacks and we felt like we had some guys who, in a pinch, could play safety. It was more about some of the guys on the team that we wanted to keep that we felt could contribute ... but I think you'll see another safety added."

One of the surprises on the positive end was rookie cornerback Jorrick Calvin, who is on the roster after joining the team only a few days ago.

"He's got return ability, not only kickoff returns but punt returns," Roseman said. "He did a good job on special teams and sometimes it's hard to find corners in this league with cover ability can play well on special teams and return ability. He's got an intriguing skill set and we'll see how he does here."

There are currently 12 rookies on the team's 52- (for now) man roster, including Calvin and 10 of the Eagles' own draft picks, not counting Ricky Sapp, who is on injured reserve. The final rookie to make the team is undrafted offensive lineman Austin Howard, who impressed the organization from the start.

"It's hard to find offensive linemen in this league," Roseman said. Howard "had a heck of a camp and a preseason. He's a big guy, long arms, good athlete, former tight end and we'll try to develop him here and see where we go."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 7:26 p.m., September 4

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