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Rich Scangarello sheds light on gameplanning process

Head Coach Doug Pederson opted not to hire a new offensive coordinator this past offseason, as he calls the plays on gameday.

Instead, Pederson brought in Rich Scangarello as a senior offensive assistant, Marty Mornhinweg as a senior offensive consultant, and Andrew Breiner as a pass game analyst, with Mornhinweg and Scangarello both bringing in prior experience as offensive coordinators in the NFL. Pederson also added passing game coordinator duties to his title of quarterbacks coach this offseason.

That could feel like too many cooks in the kitchen to serve up the offensive game plan, but Scangarello told reporters Tuesday that in reality, it isn't. In fact, the process of collectively putting together the Eagles' offense for the 2020 season has been smooth, seamless – and most of all – fun.

"It's been really good because it's a veteran group," he said. "They're easy to get along with. They're detailed. They're prepared. It's been a fun thing to be a part of with these guys."

Scangarello noted that the Eagles' approach is not all that unique, as he was part of a coaching staff that had a similar structure when he was the San Francisco 49ers' quarterbacks coach from 2017-18.

Like Pederson, 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan calls the plays on gameday, but welcomes a collaborative effort when it comes to putting together the game plan. Scangarello's familiarity with how well that worked out for the 49ers, especially in 2019, was part of his decision to come to Philadelphia after seriously considering other teams.

"We all had our input in different ways and our area of expertise, we did our part to make it come to life for (Shanahan), and we were always on the same page," Scangarello recalled.

"The group of coaches (in Philadelphia), they may have different titles, but they've been together for quite a bit. They get along. They know how Doug thinks. They know how each other thinks. They play off each other well," he added.

"I think it's always fun when someone comes from the outside and gives a fresh perspective on things, and whether you agree or disagree, it's always good to hear it."

Scangarello's fresh perspective will include some influence from Shanahan, which means a healthy amount of play-action and run-pass option plays, something the Eagles already feature in their offense. Now, they will feature some of Scangarello's ingredients.

Also from Shanahan is the quarterback's mechanics, specifically keeping the quarterback's left foot forward on shotgun passes. Scangarello is not attempting to change anything about Carson Wentz's footwork, however, as he already loves what he has seen out of the fifth-year signal-caller, whom he called "an elite processor."

"I think we hit it off from the get-go," Scangarello said of Wentz. "I've been impressed by him. I had a lot of admiration for him as a player already before I came here. As I've been around him, I've been more and more impressed."

"Press (Taylor) has done an outstanding job with him and developing him," he later added. "To be a part of it is a luxury with a guy like him, and it's been easy to get along."

Cohesion is a luxury the Eagles' coaching staff has enjoyed a lot of this offseason despite the circumstances of a virtual offseason. Yes, there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen, but it may not matter if what they are collectively cooking up is delicious.

"Whatever I bring to the table, I'm hoping it helps us on Sunday and gets us closer to being a champion," he said. "Every day I'm in the building, I just enjoy working with these guys and Doug has been phenomenal as a leader and very positive in the building. That makes it easy to work."

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