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RB Bryce Brown

On whether he appreciates the chance to play for the Eagles after not seeing much action in college: "Definitely. It's been a humbling experience. If I had to go back and change one thing, I wouldn't change anything. What I went through is what I had to go through as a person to help me out. I think it has, like you said, (helped me to) appreciate the game more."

On whether he feels that he has untapped potential: "No. I just want to help out any way I can, wherever that's at and whatever coaches calls on me to do. If they think I can be a big part of the offense and a part of things, then I'll take on that responsibility. If not, I'll just wait until it's my time and keep working hard."

On whether blocking assignments will be the biggest adjustment transitioning into the NFL: "I think so, and just learning the concepts because this is all new and all different. I think just understanding the basics and what you have will allow you to play faster and eliminate any thinking you can have so that you can just play and get the job done."

On how much it helped that he was able to attend Kansas State's pro day: "I think it played a big part. Like I tell a lot of people, Coach (Bill) Snyder had a lot more to do with my process than just let me participate in the pro day. He helped me find an agent and we used all of his resources. He was heavily involved and I appreciate that. Coach Snyder and I have a good relationship and we still talk from time to time. Our relationship is good."

On how much he knew about the Eagles coming into the draft: "I know there's a lot of talent over here, but I haven't watched much NFL football. I'm a players guy, and I always rooted for certain players. I was never big on any organizations, and I always worried about and looked up to certain players. I liked Reggie Bush, Barry Sanders being from my hometown - just anybody who was able to make plays and was a threat to use their versatility to make things happen."

On what kind of style runner he is: "I don't really imitate one specific running back. I try and look at who does what great, and use that. Versatility is my game, and I feel like my biggest threat is being able to be versatile and be able to do a lot of different things rather than just running the ball."

On whether being able to catch and run is one of his biggest strengths: "I spent a lot of time catching the ball and throwing a lot of passes and stuff like that. Right now, I'm kind of just working on that."

On how excited he is to meet RB LeSean McCoy: "I'm really excited. I'm more excited to learn, watch things, get better, and just follow him and see wherever it takes me."

On how much of this camp is about working on the subtleties of his game: "It's a lot, and it's important to pay attention to details because one little thing can mess up one play. It's good to be able to get what the coaches are telling you and apply it to the field. Paying attention to details is big out here."

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