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RB Brown, WR Maclin & DE Tapp

RB Bryce Brown

On how many carries he needs to get going: "I don't know. Me being in this position, I'm a backup running back. I don't say how much I need to play and I don't give those demands or commands. My job is to follow and listen to what they tell me to do."

On whether he believes his running style and RB LeSean McCoy's running style complement one another: "I think so. I think we do. I think some things we do similar, some things we do different. But I do think we complement each other very well."

On what he has seen from the Redskins: "I think they've got a great defense from top to bottom. I think they're very athletic, they do a good job. They're all flying to the ball. Very physical defense."

On whether he is looking forward to seeing what he and McCoy can do together: "Like I said, I'm excited that he's back. He's a great player and I think him being back gives us a better chance of winning, so absolutely."

On whether he anticipates returning kickoffs: "As of now, I am. So I'm excited about that."

On whether the coaches have been heavily emphasizing ball security like offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg mentioned yesterday: "It seems to be the case, yes. He said it, so yeah. Everybody's been doing it. We've been taking it upon ourselves to get it done and coach has obviously been hounding us about it."

On whether he is tired of hearing about ball security: "No, I'm not tired of hearing about it. I don't pay that much attention to it. Ball security is important, so we've just got to get it done."

On how much RB LeSean McCoy has taken a role in helping him develop: "He's taken a big role. He's helped me out a lot with just how to deal with the game, off the field, a lot of things. He's helping me out in all areas, besides (just) football."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On the last meeting with the Redskins: "There have been two games this year where we just got flat out dominated, and that was one of them. It's frustrating because we couldn't get in a rhythm with turnovers. I just felt that everything that could go wrong went wrong, and it's kind of been that way all season. Individually, I didn't have a catch that game so it's motivation for me to go out there and hopefully make some noise to help my team."

On any possible coaching changes at the end of the year: "I don't like to think about that. I've been saying this since day one – I'm a Coach Reid guy. He's a great coach. What he preaches and what he does works, and it's proven. It's just unfortunate that talks like this have even surfaced. We'll see, but all we can do is go out there and get a win for Philadelphia."

On what has to happen in this game for the offense to be successful against the Redskins defense: "Just execution. Go out there and execute our plays, and be efficient. I think if we do that, everything will work out (by) itself. We'll have opportunities to go out there and make some plays. When we do have the opportunity, we have to take advantage of it."

DE Darryl Tapp

On his thoughts of the last time the team played the Redskins: "We lost. That's the biggest thing. It's about winning in this league and we've got to try and find one. We have to go out there and focus this week and try to get it done."

On whether veteran players get upset when rookies play well in a game against them: "We can't have anybody do it against us but it happened. We learned from it, watched film, (defensive coordinator Todd) Bowles and (defensive line coach Tommy) Brasher put in a new scheme for us, so hopefully we can execute those plays and try to contain (QB Robert Griffin III).

On whether the players are fighting for the coaches' jobs: "No, it doesn't cross our minds right now because we're just trying to get a win. Wins have been hard to come (by) here in Philadelphia. That's the biggest thing we're thinking about right now and taking care of the Redskins."

On how players feel if they are part of a team that cost a coach his job: "I don't think about coaches' jobs or anything like that. I just think about getting wins. It sucks that we work so hard not to get the results that we wanted to have this season. That's honestly the biggest thing, trying to get wins here and focus on the Redskins."

On whether the team is excited to play Griffin III again: "Definitely. The first time you play anybody (there is) kind of a feel out period. We got felt out so hopefully we can figure it out and get this guy confused a little bit."

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