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RB Brian Westbrook

On how confident he is that the team will run the ball more effectively in upcoming games: "I'm very confident. I've seen it done in the past. I know these groups of guys - talking about my offensive linemen, tight ends, receivers, the fullbacks—can get it done, as well as myself. We're going to work hard and do everything we can to get the job going."

On how his knee and ribs are feeling: "I'm feeling better."

On how he is feeling compared to last week: "I'm still not quite 100%, but I'm feeling better than I was last week."

On whether the running problems vs. New York were little things on each play: "Yeah, it's a different situation every play. It's not the same person or the same groups of people or the same schemes, it's different things every play. We have to do a better job of handling those different types of schemes and different personnel on every play."

On what he's seen on the game tape from last week: "I'm not even going to look back at the New York game. We're going to look forward to the Bengals and try to move on from there."

On whether it's hard to get into a rhythm if he doesn't get a lot of carries: "If you don't get those carries, then you don't really establish a rhythm. It's tough to do it with a couple carries here, a couple carries there. I have to do a better job of getting more yardage so that we get more carries. That's my part in the whole deal."

On whether there's anything he can do to keep himself prepared to run the ball, even if he's not getting a lot of carries: "You try to stay in tune with the game. You try to block a little bit more, just trying to get that contact so that you're ready whenever you get the ball. It's tough to get into the running rhythm when you don't touch the ball, but you just try to stay in the game as much as possible."

On what it takes for a team to stay committed to the run: "You have to have patience and you have to have belief in it. Of course, in the running game, there are going to be some plays where you're not going to have too much of a gain. You might have a couple yards here and there, but then there might be some plays where you get 12, 20, 30 yards so you have to be patient and you have to believe that it's going to work. You have to have that commitment to it."

On whether he feels like the Eagles have that commitment: "We don't always have it, no. At some points in some games, we have it, at some points in other games, we don't. I think that there are situations at times when we probably should have more commitment to the run."

On whether the team is simply more of a passing team: "No, it's not."

On whether he thought his success last year would carry over to this year: "I had hoped that it would continue. Unfortunately, I had a couple injuries here and there. I'm trying to get completely healthy and trying to help this team as much as possible. It's a little bit different because Don (QB Donovan McNabb) was hurt a little bit last year, so we ran the ball a little bit more. As a team, we have to be able to run the ball. We still have to be able to establish the run throughout the course of a game. When we have it established, we have to be able to call upon it and effectively use it. We haven't been able to do that."

On whether injuries have been a factor in the last two games: "Anytime you're not 100 percent, you feel injuries here and there. That's why I'm battling, trying to get back to 100% so I can be myself more out there on the field."

On whether he thinks the team is better than their 5-4 record: "I think your record is really who you are at this point. I know we're a better team than what our record really is, but that's the only way you keep score. Your record is what it is. For us, we have to go out there and turn things around so that our record will be better."

On whether injuries are the reason his carries have been limited: "I don't know. That's probably something you'll have to ask (head) coach (Andy Reid). He makes the final decision. I think there are a lot of different things that go into how many run calls we're going to have throughout the game. Injuries might be a part of it, number of plays might be a part of it, and the effectiveness of the run might be a part of it. I'm sure all those things go into it, but I'm not quite sure of Coach Reid's actual reason for not running more."

On whether his career-best rushing effort vs. Atlanta made him think the team's running game had been ironed out: "I had hoped that was the case that we had everything ironed out. We were getting on a roll and we continued to do it through the run. But, different teams present different problems. Different teams are going to have eight men in the box, some are going to have seven and some are going to have six. When we get into those situations where they have eight men in the box, we have to be able to run the ball. For us, we have to figure out a way to get that done."

On what the key is to being successful when going against an eight-man front: "Try to block as many people as you can and, hopefully, your running back can make some people miss here and there. We have the guys that can get it done, but on this team, we have to get better at doing our job. That starts with me and works its way down to the offensive line, receivers, tight ends, and fullbacks as well."

On whether he is healthy enough to carry the load for this team: "I think so, yes."

On whether the team needs a dominant victory to get its confidence back: "We go into every game with the goal to dominate the game. We always feel as though every game doesn't have to be close if we go out there and play the way we know how to. We haven't quite done that yet. Our goal is to do that and handle that every game."

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