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RB Brian Westbrook

On whether there will be an emphasis on not turning the ball over:"Any time that you play in the playoffs, turnovers are a big deal. And you saw in that game that turnovers turned that game totally around and didn't allow their offense to score, and they continued to turn the ball over throughout the whole game. So, any time that you go out and turn the ball over and you are giving their team more opportunities to score with the potent weapon that they have on their offense, it's going to be tough to win."

On whether turnovers can distort a game: "Yeah, it got ugly quick in that game just because of those turnovers. And so for us, it's important for us, the team, to go out there and take care of the ball."

On how big of a player WR Jason Avant is for this team:"Jason has done a great job on third downs and also on first and second down of catching the ball over the middle and making big plays for us, and we count on him to do that. He's been instrumental in the things that we have been able to do on third down, I would say more so than anything, and continues to move the chains really."

On whether he is itching to have a big game:"Yeah, I'm waiting for it. I think I haven't had the games that I've wanted to have these last two games, so I'm definitely waiting for a break-out game."

On whether it is just as satisfying to see other offensive players making plays:"Yeah, no question. Any time we can win, I'm definitely happy about it. Of course you want to have a great game. You want to have those games were you have 200-yards rushing or whatever it is. But for a team that, we're comprised of great players across the board on offense, for me to have an average game or below average game but we continue to win and it allows our other weapons to shine, I'm just as happy. Of course I want to go out there and do what I do, but if we are winning those football games, I'm still pleased."

On how frustrating it is to not be 100 percent healthy:"In any game you go into you're going to be frustrated that you are not 100 percent, but I've been battling injuries all year long. I continue to be positive that I can do the things that I need to do to help this team."

On how their offense stacks up against the Arizona defense: "They are a very, very active defense. I think their front seven is very active. They are a little bit smaller than some of the defenses that we have played against, but they are very active. They do a lot of stunts. Their secondary is probably one of the better secondaries in the (National) Football League with (Cardinals SS) Adrian Wilson playing safety and (Cardinals CB Dominique Rodgers-) Cromartie and (Cardinals CB) Rod(erick) Hood out there in corners. They have done a great job of making plays on the ball and getting interceptions and things like that. So, for us, we have to be very efficient and effective on offense and continue to keep things moving."

On what he has seen from QB Donovan McNabb in the last couple of games:"He's done those things that we expect him to do. He has not turned the ball over very many times. He continues to lead this offense, continues to do those things that make this team successful. And he's been the leader, of course, on and off the field, and that's what I think everybody knows of him and everybody expects of him, and that's what he's been doing."

On whether he thinks McNabb is playing better than ever before: "I think his stats have been better, of course. I have seen Donovan do some incredible things and this ranks right up there with those types of seasons."

On whether McNabb is playing at a Super Bowl level:"I think he is playing good enough that we've basically out-done a lot of people's thoughts and things that they didn't think we'd be able to achieve. He's been playing good enough for us to win. He's been carrying this team. We haven't had much of a running game these last two games, so he's been definitely carrying this team with the help, of course, of the offensive line and the receivers and tight ends, but he's been doing a great job."

On how much fun McNabb is having: "He seems like he's having fun."

On how different this playoff run is compared to previous playoff runs that he has been a part of:"I think just because of the situation of how we got into the playoffs and us being a six seed, a lot of people didn't expect much from us and we've kind of surprised some people there. And those other seasons we've been, of course, the No. 1 seed getting the bye and things like that and everybody expected us to win the Super Bowl and not just get there. But now we are kind of opening people's eyes a little bit and that's what we want to do as we continue; to continue to open people's eyes, see the things that we are able to do offensively, defensively and as a team."

On what memories he has of previous NFC Championship games:"Really, I don't have a lot of memories about (them). I know that it was pretty cold when we played Atlanta. I know that I had a decent game, but really other than that, I don't have too many memories."

On whether he feels that this window of opportunity is not going to stay open forever: "As a player, I think that you understand that the window of opportunity is not going to stay open forever, but if you have a very good team you could go back year after year and hopefully have the opportunity to achieve your goal. We have a very good team here and we really don't think about it, we really don't worry about the window of opportunity. We try to make the most of every opportunity that have, and if we do that, then we'll be right where we want to be at."

On how much it has helped him to sit out of practice the past couple of weeks: "It helped me a lot, just being able to get my legs and my knees, my ankles a little bit of rest. I think it continues to help me recover a little bit better, a little bit more every single week. And so, that's something that I think is playing a big part of me even being able to go out there and play on Sundays."

On what the mentality of the team is right now: "We're just going out there and handling our business every week. It's important for us to focus on every game and continue to not overlook anybody. You know, we played these guys, we beat them pretty good the first game, but our goal is to continue to win football games and we know they are going to be a tough team out there in their own stadium. So, for us, we have to give everything that we have on every single play and if we do that, we'll handle our business."

On why everything worked so well on Thanksgiving: "I'm not sure. We executed very well offensively, defensively and special teams. Like I said, we have a very good team and if we can execute like that on all three phases it's going to be tough for any team in the NFL to beat us, but hopefully we can do that this week. We all know that they play a little bit different in their home stadium as opposed to traveling on the road. And they have been playing very good football these last few weeks here, so for us, we have to know that we are going to face a very good football team and not expect just to be able to go out there and throw out the balls and say we're the Philadelphia Eagles and ask them to roll over for us."

On how the run game can work: "We are going to do everything we can to try and find some openings. We know that they are a very active defense, like I said before, and we know that they are good against the run. So, for us, we need to be efficient on first and second downs and keep them in third-down situations where they have to play the run and the pass. And if we are able to do that, then we should be fine. I think we have to get our bigger guys up on their linebackers, of course, try to dominate the line of scrimmage and if we are able to do that, then we should have some success."

On whether Arizona is doing anything differently:"I think their defense as a whole is just playing a lot more aggressively."

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