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Quotes: Texans Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

On offense inconsistency in winnable games: "Offensively, we did not do what we needed to today. Yeah, we just had a hard time getting things going."

On Bill O'Brien's comments about every position being evaluated and how he would evaluate himself: "Well, I did not play well enough for us to win today, you know, and it was a tough one because we got some turnovers by the defense and, obviously, the defensive touchdown and getting some turnovers and going down and scoring, but not really being able to generate anything on our own. It was a tough day, and you know obviously that falls on the quarterback just in terms of not being able get things started and accomplished."

On the importance of the drive that included a 45-yard pass to WR DeAndre Hopkins, three incompletions and a missed field goal: "That was significant. Obviously, we had some chances there. I wish, I didn't see what happened on the throw to Andre (Johnson) in the corner, but I wish I would have hit that one. I thought we dialed up a good play, they brought the house basically, and we just didn't connect."

On the effects of RB Arian Foster's departure from the game: "Arian's obviously a big part of what we do, but I think we just had a hard time offensively today. You have to give them credit too. They did a good job on defense."

On the number of defensive blitzes and what he can do to beat them more consistently: "It was a mixture of things today, but there were some times where they were blitzing us and getting pressure on us. I've got to do a better job of finding the open guy, and getting the ball out of my hand, and hurting the blitz more often."

On if he holds on to the ball too long: "I took another silly sack today. I think it was like a nine-yard sack or something, and we ended up getting the long run on third down by Arian (Foster) to get the first down. It was on that drive, but that one in particular, not something I should do."

On if he had a problem with the surface of the field: "I didn't have any issue with that."

On how one more score could have changed the team's main losses against Dallas, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis: "It is frustrating, especially the games you pointed out there ending in losses. Having the opportunity to go out there and do something offensively and not being able to get it done is certainly frustrating."

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