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Quotes: Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy

Opening statement: "Well, a very good home victory. Obviously, we beat a very good Philadelphia football team. I was very impressed throughout the week with the Eagles. They are very unique. We felt strongly that this game was going to come down to big play opportunities. I thought our players did an excellent job in all three phases. Obviously, the returns for touchdowns were huge plays in the game. They challenge you so many different ways, particularly with their tempo. With that, there's more plays that will be part of a game when you do compete with Philadelphia. I feel good about what we accomplished today, but the reality is that we've got to continue to clean things up. Our last two home games, we've taken a step as a football team, but it's one game. We're 7-3. We need to go get this fourth division win in Minnesota. That's where we'll transfer our thoughts to. Great crowd. Throwback day. We're 4-0 in our throwback jerseys. There's a statistic for you if you didn't have that. Great weekend for Wisconsin football."

On how the Packers handed the Eagles tempo: "I thought we handled it very well. I thought our communication was seamless. We didn't have any issue getting our calls in and I thought our guys were lined up in time. I thought the first two quarters our defense was outstanding."

On the Packers defense: "I think we're getting better each and every week on defense. Defensively you're just seeing a unit that's playing faster. The personnel groups that we're getting in and out of, it's happening seamlessly. They are getting used to playing together in the combinations that we've kind of set for the second half. With that, our playmakers are making plays. We have a lot of playmakers on defense."

On if he agrees with Chip Kelly that Aaron Rogers is playing as good as it gets: "Well, I agree with him. I need to figure out new ways to compliment Aaron, frankly. He's playing at an extremely high level. Game plan, we wanted to be aggressive based on their defense and how they play. It's a defensive front, a very strong front, aggressive schematically. You saw that today. They stayed base versus our three-wide receiver set, they tried different things and with that. We put the ball in Aaron's hand and obviously he had a big day."

On the combination of explosiveness and efficiency of the Packers offense: "We've been in this system now for a few years. We have a lot players on the same page. We've done a great job with the younger players, incorporating them. So, we're in a pretty good rhythm."

On the key to success at home: "The formula to get to the playoffs has always been to win your home games and try to play .500 or better on the road. We have a great homefield advantage, probably the best in football, and it's a special place to play. Obviously we enjoy playing here. This is our element. This is where we live. This is where we train. So we're obviously comfortable. The crowd was great today. I think that's all part of it."

On if it's a point of emphasis to get back to where Lambeau Field is feared: "Respectfully, I don't think Lambeau will ever be feared. I think people enjoy coming here. Players, fans, coaches. I can tell you time and time again when you have conversations in pregame, they're different when you stand on other fields. This is unique, this is a special place. But yes, you have to be dominant at home. To be successful in this league, you have to win your home games. That has been proven over time."

On if it's too early to be looking at playoff standings: "Yes, I think it is. There's a lot of football left."

On Micah Hyde's punt return: "To be honest with you, going back to the Tuesday game plan meetings, we just felt that Micah, his particular style versus their unit and what we had called, it really was what we talked about all week. He did a great job of catching it and getting north and south and finishing it. A great return, but I haven't seen the video of it so I can't sit here and comment on the particulars of the blocking. Micah's straight-ahead style was a good way to go today."

On if he'd feel comfortable going into the playoffs with how his team is playing right now: "We have more growth in us. I like the way we're winning. I like the margin of victory. That feels good, that's obvious, but we definitely have areas we can improve on."

On if Jordy Nelson is hurt: "Jordy's fine. I wasn't told anything about Jordy Nelson."

On the kicking game troubles with the missed extra points and blocked punts: "We had a few things going on with the protection unit. Obviously, correctable. The eight-man pressure there at the end with the blocked punt, you don't want to see that. They stressed the 'B' gap. I've only seen pictures of it so I can't give you a clean, exactly what happened. You have a decisive lead like that you want to finish the game off, no doubt, but these are things we've got to learn from."

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