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Quotes: OC Pat Shurmur

Do you like Trey Burton more as a tight end or h back?

COACH SHURMUR: He's a multiple position guy and I think he can be equally effective. We can put him in the game at a tight end position or we could put him in at running back. So, yes.

Have you practiced him much at running back?

COACH SHURMUR:We have. We practice him every day, in all our training sessions, he does ball handling, and certainly as you've seen, our receiver, all our skill players are multiple, so when we call our route concept, it could be a running back, a tight end or a receiver in any one of the spots, and so we cross train them quite frequently.

*Last year, the turnover ratio improved from two years ago. What do you attribute that to and can you duplicate it? How do you replicate it? *

COACH SHURMUR:Well, we weren't here two years ago, so all I can tell you what we do, and we talk about and we coach against it. We don't want guys to go out there and worry about making mistakes but we talk frequently, actually every day  at every meeting we talk about ball security and we talk about making sure we secure the ball in traffic, all the things necessary.

And some of it comes back to the quarterback, everybody is hung up on that 27 2 ratio, but that comes back to making good decisions and not putting the ball in harm's way.

*What is the greatest strength of Jacksonville's defense? *

COACH SHURMUR: I think they have gone out  they are a really, really good scheme defense. The model for it certainly is Seattle where [Jaguars head coach] Gus [Bradley] was previous, and then this year they went out and got two pieces to add to the defensive line, [DE] Chris Clemons and [DE] Red Bryant, who were in Seattle, two guys that have really helped them up front.

So I think that's where you see the biggest change. [LB Paul] Posluszny, everybody would love to have him as a middle linebacker and then I think they are just a solid, steady group that plays well together.

*In the draft, there were a lot of receivers out there. What stood out about WR Jordan Matthews compared to the others, and the two guys that the Jags took in the second round, WR Marqise Lee and WR Allen Robinson? Are they guys who were in consideration? *

COACH SHURMUR: Well, I can talk about the guy we took. We don't worry about the guys that aren't here, certainly, unless you're playing against them, which we are, so I'll answer that I guess.

But Jordan did everything we're looking for in a receiver, and you can just click off the things you've seen in our training sessions and in the games. He's good at catching the football. He's big and physical. He can be bump and run. When he catches it, he can run with it. He blocks. He's smart. All the things we're looking for.

I think Lee and Robinson had some of those attributes, as well, and I think they are pretty pleased with their performance down there.

Has WR Jeremy Maclin had enough reps to be ready for the regular season?

COACH SHURMUR: I think so. He's really actually done very well coming back from his injury and then going through the training sessions. I think as we get ready to play now, and we kind of structure our training sessions where we're practicing drives and making sure we get groups of plays so that they get their conditioning, I think he's ready to go.

*What about WR Riley Cooper? *

COACH SHURMUR: Riley is the same. I think they are ready to go. These are guys that have played in the NFL for multiple years. They understand what it takes to get ready to go. They are comfortable in our system, and they are ready to play.

*Making good decisions and keeping the ball out of harms way, as far as keeping interceptions down, but this offense, it seems to be able to get people in space and create openings and seems to be a really quarterback friendly offense from that standpoint as far as if you look at Chip's history, never had many guys that threw a lot of interceptions. *

COACH SHURMUR: I don't know. I think when we look at what we try to do, we obviously run the ball. We play-action. And when you're doing things, basically play-action is a form of deception. You create guys in open spaces. We've added some things that can help us against man to man coverage to get guys open, and so we have done some things to build a system that we think is quarterback-friendly.

There's progressions in what we do so the quarterback looks to an area or he'll look to receivers and throw it one, two, three and four. I think that's what you're seeing from our guys. But none of that really matters if the guy pulling the trigger doesn't make good decisions. We feel like we put a system in place that will allow him to do those things. Now it's up to the receivers to get open and if they are not open, the quarterback moves on to the next guy.

RB Chris Polk practiced yesterday for the first time. How long until he can get into football shape?

COACH SHURMUR: We feel like it's going to have to happen quickly. He had a good day yesterday. He'll be out here again today. So as long as there's no setbacks, we'll hopefully be ready to go.

*The offense to this point, compared to last year, do you think this is a deeper offense? *

COACH SHURMUR: I think we are an offense that we know how we want to function. We've got a memory bank of reps that we did last year that we can draw from and we probably have more guys that we can put in the game in substitute roles which will allow us to keep playing fast.

*With T Matt Tobin down, who is the swing guy who can play tackle and guard? *

COACH SHURMUR: Andrew Gardner and Dennis Kelly can both play guard and tackle.

*On the right side? *

COACH SHURMUR: Yeah, that's the reality of it, if you create a situation where you have seven linemen up then what happens is you have one guy who is a guard center guy, and then you have another guy that has to play guard tackle. Depending on what they are good at, you may have to make some other switch and move a guy and maybe do a double switch or whatever, triple switch, whatever.

But you can just do the math. If there's seven or eight of them up and some guys have to be multiple.

Allen Barbre at right tackle

COACH SHURMUR: He's done a good job. He's really done a good job on making the transition to the right side. He's been very productive when he's been playing in games and he works extremely hard. He'll be ready to go.

Did you have to help him out any in pass protection?


You were a pretty good center

COACH SHURMUR: Yeah, there was a time. But it's safe to say I will not block.

We are going to play our offense, and then we are always doing things to adjust. If something is giving us a problem, whether it be a scheme or a matchup, then we move on to something else.

On Saturday, do you and Chip have something on Michigan State/Oregon?

COACH SHURMUR: No, we don't. I'm sure we're going to both watch it in a curious way. No. I think it will be fun. It's going to be a fun game to watch. I know Michigan State had an outstanding year last year. They started out strong in their first week. So I'm curious to see how well they play and then certainly we have got a lot of guys in the building from Oregon. So I'm sure we'll keep our eyes on it.

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