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Quotes: Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan

Opening remarks: "We may be good [for the regular season], but certainly we were poor today. Today was more about trying to find out the back end of our roster. Their jobs out there and things like that. But, be very vanilla in what we do and let guys play. See who steps up to the top and with that being said, it's hard to really pinpoint who really stepped up. I mean it was a very poor performance by us without question. For the guys that work so hard, I hate for us to end it like we did. I mean it was just an awful performance. With that, I'll open it up for questions."

On his decision to start QB Michael Vick and whether his history in Philadelphia had anything to do with that: "Yeah, absolutely it did. It was my decision. It was something that, obviously I know what Mike thinks about his time in Philadelphia, the people in Philadelphia and obviously I know how Philadelphia thought of Mike - the city of Philly and the Eagle fans. So I just thought it was an appropriate thing to do, kind of send him off that way."

On whether WR Stephen Hill did anything to help or hurt himself tonight: "We have to really look at this tape. We'll see one way or the other. But again, I just think overall it's a poor performance. I can't tell you really who jumped out. I liked the way [WR] Saalim [Hakim] covered some kicks. He got down there fast, kind of whiffed the guy, but that's ok, he's down there a million miles an hour. But again, I just can't think off hand who really jumped out. So we'll have to watch the tape and we'll evaluate."

On why he took Hill out and didn't let him play longer: "Well I mean, how about the other guys? You're trying to get a look at everybody and not just one player. You're trying to look at a lot of different players and get some young guys an opportunity as well. [WR] Quincy [Enunwa] – I thought he stepped up. Did some nice jobs on special teams, had a couple of tackles and so we wanted to get a look at him as well."

On whether he released WR Jacoby Ford because he had better options at kick returner such as Saalim Hakim: "I don't think I said that necessarily. We have other options, but I never said that we had better options."

On whether he thought Hakim looked lost out on the field: "No. I'm not concerned about that. I don't think he looked lost. Maybe that's how you see it. I don't think so. I think at times obviously when he's going to return one and things like that, that's just that. But again, you see it the way you want it. But again, we'll see. I'm pretty pleased with him. I think obviously he goes down the field, he's a gunner and things. I think he's pretty darn good there as a kick returner. Hopefully we're not majoring in kick returns. Now we did tonight, but hopefully we're not majoring in them during the season and I don't think we will."

On his reaction to the comments made by CB Dimitri Patterson: "Well again, we'll address that at the appropriate time."

On whether G Willie Colon was here: "Willie was left back to rehab along with some other players as well – [S] Antonio Allen, there was a few others, we'll get the list. Quite honestly, I never even realized that Willie was held, but I know we held certain players back to get treatment."

On whether Colon has a knee injury or if something else is bothering him: "No, that's it."

On whether he can say right now whether Patterson will be on the roster or not: "Again, I'm not going to address it until Monday."

On seeing Eagles QB Mark Sanchez before the game: "It was good. I know he's had a real nice, strong preseason. So that's great to see. I wish nothing but the best for him. He's an outstanding young man and I really mean it. I hope he does well."

On what he thought about CB LeQuan Lewis at corner: "He has his ups and downs. Obviously he had a nice play in the end zone, gets a pick. He had a couple of nice plays and then you can't ignore the fact that he gave up a touchdown as well. Again, I like the way the young man competes. He also did a nice job covering some kicks as well. Hopefully he can learn from some of these things."

On what he thought about the secondary: "Overall, I thought we struggled. I think being nice, we struggled. I don't know what the stats were or whatever, but it's safe to say I don't think I've ever given up that many yards in my life or anything else. But again, it was tough, we weren't putting our guys in great positions, but we were giving them opportunities to line up and make plays. That was the main thing - we wanted to see more the individual matchups than overall."

On whether he's overly concerned about the secondary going into the regular season: "No, I'm not concerned because of our performance today. I think it's going to look a little different in the regular season or any other time I've coached in my life."

On whether any of the injuries were serious: "I'm not real sure. I know we had [LB Nick] Bellore with a calf injury. We had [CB Johnny] Patrick – I know it's a head injury. I don't know if it's a concussion or not. And [S] Josh Bush had a quad injury. So those are the only ones that I'm aware of."

On S Rontez Miles: "Had some good moments and had some not good moments. Missed a few tackles, quite a few tackles. But I think he makes plays also in there. So we'll see. We'll look at the tape and we'll see."

On TE Chris Pantale: "Chris is a good football player. Made a couple of nice catches – one on the throwback and one on a read play by [QB] Tajh [Boyd] earlier. So, it's good to see. He's a young man that works hard and I was happy to see him make a couple of real nice plays for us."

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