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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

On LB DeMeco Ryan's injury: "I just saw the replay. I don't have anything official on it, but it didn't look good."

On QB Nick Foles' injury: "Same thing. He's in a sling right now, that's all I've got. I didn't hear the rest of it. I'll meet with them after this.

On what happened to G/T Todd Herremans: "Todd hurt his ankle. I think it's the ankle on the same side as the elbow so he's kind of a one-armed one-legged man."

On how they were able to get the run game going in the second half: "I thought we wore them down a little bit. I think with our tempo. One drive, we had four runs for 70 and a touchdown. I think you could see the effects of us, the cumulative effects of it. I thought all three running backs ran really hard today. There wasn't a whole lot of dancing going on right there. I thought they hit the hole. I thought we blocked really well. I thought (TE) Brent Celek did a really, really good job blocking. What we ended up offensive line-wise, I thought those guys really hung in there and did a really good job."

On the third quarter scoring drive with all three running backs: "Anybody would. It's four plays, 70 yards. We get 10 to 12 yards a whack. It wasn't designed that way. We had a couple of really big runs, and they just converted."

On QB Mark Sanchez's play: "I thought Mark did a really good job. The one interception, I think it hit (Josh) Huff in the hand and was tipped. The other, I think Riley (Cooper) got spot on. Besides that, I thought he had a really good command of what we were doing. Since day one here, you know what type of professional he is. He's in early. He takes copious notes. He's a real professional. I said since day one, you better have two quarterbacks in this league. We were fortunate that when Nick did go down that we could bring Mark in. I don't think we missed a beat offensively."

On WR Jeremy Maclin's day: "We felt all along and that was a reason we resigned Jeremy. I think he's an explosive player. I was really excited before he got injured in terms of how he would fit, what he would do on the offense. He was just running big, deep for us. We had some really good shots at him. He made a huge catch. I think he's made some real good sideline catches and clutch catches for us during the course of year, but I think that's what we're coming to expect from Jeremy."

On the decision to run RB Darren Sproles on 4th-and-1: "I just thought it was close, and we could get a first down."

On if the defense was concentrating on WR Andre Johnson which led to WR DeAndre Hopkins to have a big game: "I don't think we were trying to take one away more than the other. I think DeAndre is one of those real up and coming receivers in this league. He was a kid a year ago that you really got excited about when you saw him and the combine and coming off the draft. It didn't surprise me. I think he's one of the real good young receivers in this league."

On the defensive play by CB Cary Williams: "I thought Cary had a really good job. He had that one series coming down our sidelines with two real big pass breakups. I though Cary played really well today. I couldn't tell you exactly how some of the things were. DeAndre looked a couple times when we missed him when he was running shallow across. I don't know who had him, but it looked like he was coming clean. I'd have to look at the tape before I can give you that answer."

On scoring a touchdown to make it a two-score game: "It was huge. We talked about how when you're a good football team, you have to be a good four minute football team. I thought we did a great job of not only taking a lot of time off the clock but coming away with a touchdown to make it a two-score game. I really didn't want to settle for a field goal in that situation because then it would have just been six points. Obviously if you can get it extended to 10, it was big. But I thought that whole drive just told you a little bit about how we're coming together a little bit offensively. I think it bodes well for the future."

On if he changed the play calling for QB Mark Sanchez: "I think the first play call I called, he banged a post. It just depends on who it is. I could say yes, but it depends on who it is. We have total confidence in Mark. He's a proven professional. He's played a ton of games in this league. He's been to playoff games. He's been in clutch situations before. He's been the ultimate teammate behind Nick (Foles). I don't know if there's been a better number two in terms of how he's handled the whole situation. And when he got in there, I was excited. I thought he showed it. You all were there. You watched him in the preseason. I thought he played at a real high level. When he got in there, I thought we were going to miss nothing. That's why his first completion, I think, was a post."

On if he adjusted play calls because of injuries to the Houston Texans defense: "We adjusted a little bit. We knew that both the corners were out of the game. I think that's why we hit some of those posts early, you know, try to attack those guys from that standpoint. It's kind of the nature of the game. It almost turns into a battle of attrition. We lost some players today, they lost some players today. You've got to kind of plug and try to see how you can hold up and try to mask some of your weaknesses. We were very conscious that their corners were out of the game at that point in time."

On how QB Nick Foles played today: "I thought he was playing well, he had a great ball to Mac (Jeremy Maclin). But, I'll credit Houston's front, especially in that first quarter. Holy smokes. They were coming over our walls. There were a couple of times it was just a four man rush, but Nick didn't even have a chance to set his feet at the top of his drop. So I thought Nick was playing well, but I think a couple of times – the throw to Riley (Cooper) that got picked, he looked like he was getting hit. I'd have to see the film, but from the replay in the stadium, he was getting hit as he threw that and it looked like Riley was getting open, but we didn't have a lot of time. That front is as good as we've seen. I just think they wore down a little bit. Watt and Mercilus and those guys we talked about earlier in the week, they're the real deal."

On what LB DeMeco Ryans means to the team: "DeMeco, we've already talked about, he's a true leader on the defensive side of the ball. We'll get the assessment of what it is, and we'll move accordingly.

On what it means that the entire team went to Ryans on the cart: "You know it. Everybody knows it. You know what DeMeco means to this team, so I think he's the true leader. We talk about it all the time. He's Mufasa, you know, he's our guy. When a warrior goes down, you pick up his shield and go play in honor of him and I think that's what our guys did."

On the patchwork offensive line and what he learned about those players: "I think we've got some depth and I think those guys really compete even when they do make a mistake, it's not from a lack of effort. I think it's the same thing for these team overall. I think the effort that this team plays with has been outstanding. You get through eight games at six and two with the injuries that we've had. I think it's a tribute to those guys and how hard they play. We'll see what we lost in this game and make adjustments getting ready to go play Carolina, but one thing I know about this group is that they're going to show up and play every single week." \

On how quickly the referees spotted the ball today and how it affected the up tempo offense: "Yeah, I thought they did a good job. When we don't sub and we get the ball to the official, they get the ball down and they let you play. I think they did the same thing. Billy (Bill O'Brien) ran some tempo plays on us and did a really job with it. But, I think the officials let you play. I thought they did a really good job."

On if he thought the field was an issue today: "Obviously, it wasn't pristine, but it's the same for both teams, so I can't really tell you. I don't know if there were holes where some players and if it came to an injury or something like that, but I think everyone knew what the field was going to be like coming in to here."

On using RB Chris Polk in short yardage situations: "We were just rolling him in. I think the one he scored on wasn't a short yardage situation. I just think Chris has gotten better and gotten stronger. He was obviously a guy we were really excited about, and then he missed so much of camp with his leg. It was real difficult trying to get him back in. Then he hurt his leg again and missed a couple of games, but I think he's rounding back into form and I think it helps to have all three of those guys. I thought all three running backs played outstanding today, so to have him I thought was really, really good."

On what it says about the team winning with four turnovers: "It means we better clean up our turnovers, because we can't continue to play that way to be honest with you."

On if S Earl Wolff stood out: "I couldn't tell. I know he got beat on that one touchdown in the corner when we were running an all-out blitz. Until I see the film and go through all the calls, what Billy called, what he was supposed to do on each play. We'll have to assess that after we get a chance to take a look at the film.

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