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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

On what he was thinking when he ran the ball with running back LeSean McCoy on third-and-15 in the third quarter: "You know, I was actually thinking if we could get into field goal range. They were doing a great job and when you get into real long yardage situations, you do the same thing when you watch them on tape. They are going to rush through, they are going to drop everybody in the coverage. There are not a lot of holes in there to fit a ball in so I said 'Screw it, let's run it' and get out of it and we got a first down fortunately."

On what running back Darren Sproles has done to have so many explosive plays: "First and foremost, Darren is a receiver and I've said that since day one, since we've had him here. He's just a special player and we knew the first day we had him it was 'How many different ways can we find to get him the football?' He is just a dynamic football player and we are really excited. He can run it, he can catch it, I mean he can do it all. He's a complete running back and he really came up huge for us tonight."

On what the comeback says about the team: "The one thing about this team is I think they are really grounded. It just means we are 2-0. I think it also means we have to execute better on both sides of the ball in the first half. You're not going to make a living continuing to be 17 down in this league. We have a very, very good Washington, we have a division opponent coming into our place next Sunday so hopefully we got it out of our system but we need to do a better job in the first half of executing."

On what changes the team made to stop the Colts' running game in the second half: "I think Billy (Davis) and the defensive guys made some nice adjustments at halftime in terms of what they were doing. They did some things that they hadn't shown before. It's just that chess match that goes on between the game. I think Indianapolis has a great coaching staff. I've coached against Pep (Hamilton), Pep does a great job. They ran some unbalanced line, they were running it to the unbalance and coming back to the short side. They did some different things and really challenged us and I think the adjustments those guys made at halftime really paid off for us."

On what Cody Parkey showed him by hitting the game-winner - twice - after missing an earlier kick: "Same thing I've thought all along about him. He really doesn't get phased. I didn't say anything to him when he missed the first one, there wasn't a conversation or anything. There was no reason to have a conversation. He's always up so I didn't have to say anything mystical to him. He had to go out there and kick it. He did a great job."

On what was going through his head when Parkey's first kick didn't count: "We had crossed the field because I thought the game was over so we just went back to the sideline and just said 'Let's do it again.' We have to kick it twice, we have to kick it twice."

On Darren Sproles' touchdown and the 51-yard screen pass: "His touchdown run, they were doing a great job really in the red zone keeping us inside. We were trying to get the ball to the perimeter and then they forced us into a cutback and he's got to go against the unblocked guy and he did a great job. And then on the screen pass, we felt like we had that all day long. Not all day long but I think what they were giving us coverage-wise. When their rush is getting to you, you have to do something to negate the rush and I think to negate the rush you have to use your screen game as a weapon. I think a lot of times the pocket was collapsing around Nick (Foles). They were doing a good job with coverage down the field and playing a lot of softer man coverage but really sticking with guys so we felt like the screen plays were going to be there for us and obviously we executed and he's a real dynamic screen runner."

On what the Eagles' defense showed him at 27-27: "Just some huge plays. The big pick by Malcolm (Jenkins), I don't know if that was before the 27, was huge for us. They came up big when they had to come up and against that guy (Andrew Luck), I mean he made a couple of passes today I was just like 'Wow.' They threw one to, I think the one (Vinny) Curry ended up with a facemask, where he just threw it left outside shoulder to Reggie Wayne in front of us and I was just like 'Wow.' There was another one where we hit him flush in the chest but he stepped up in the pocket and made it. He can make all of the throws and it was a challenge for us to go against him because he is just a talented guy, but I thought our defense came up big. And then that third down stop to get us back on the field and give us a chance to kick the field goal to win it."

On what adjustments were made at the half in terms of the Eagles' running game: "There were a few, I think the credit goes to their D-Line, they are big. It is probably as big as a front that we will face and they were a little bit more physical than us early and I think the cumulative effect of the game going on and them wearing down a little bit may have helped us a little but we were calling the same plays in the first half than we were in the second half."

On what coming back from big deficits says about his team's resiliency: "I think a lot of it is them having confidence in what they are doing and I think that it is not fake confidence. It's based on their preparation and it's as hard of working team that I have ever been around. They really truly understand what we are trying to get accomplished. We have tweaked some things from last year to this year in terms of our preparation and I think those guys have done a great job with it and I think it showed. There was nobody on our team in the fourth quarter that A, didn't believe we had an opportunity to win the football game and they were all playing like it. I don't think that anybody on our side was tired, we had guys talking on the sideline saying that this is just like period 22 in our training session. You can see that they value what we are doing during the week and it shows when we are playing games on Sunday or Monday."

On what he saw from offensive linemen Andrew Gardner and Dennis Kelly: "I thought they did a nice job, you get thrown into the mix and first starts for those guys. Obviously Dennis coming off an injury last year and really starting to come into his own, real happy that we have him because of what happened to us last week in terms of getting two guys down. Picking up Andrew and being able to plug him into tackle, I think both those games for their first starts they held up pretty well for us."

On what it says about the offense that his wide receivers didn't catch many balls: "I think that there are going to be weeks when they have a lot of catches, there's going to be weeks where the running backs run it a lot, there is going to be weeks when the tight end catches it a lot, there is going to be weeks where the running back catch it a lot. I think the ability to have weapons at each position is big for us. I think (Riley Cooper) Coop had a couple of big catches there in traffic that helped us extend drives. (Jeremy Maclin) Mac had the big touchdown for us, when they were called upon they got it. We thought coming in that their corners were going to do a really good job and we were going to have to win at least in the man situations inside. We caught them in man on that big play right when we got the drive. They had a linebacker lined up on (Zach) Ertz and really helped us. We thought we needed 25 yards to kick a field goal and we obviously got a big chunk on that first one and then we threw the screen to Darren (Sproles) and we knew where we were. I think having players at other positions can really help those guys out. They draw attention but when we have guys at other positions, you can't cover them all."

On what he thought of Nick Foles' performance: "I thought Nick was just like the whole team. I thought he showed a lot of resiliency, there was a couple things I think. They had a few drops on him in the first half, he probably could have placed the ball better a few times, it was a combination between him and the receivers and I think everybody kind of just settled down and when we needed it, he did it."

On whether this was what he expected from Darren Sproles: "I knew he was a really good player and we were excited to get him, until you get a chance to see him in practice and see all the other things. I know that he can run the ball and I think that is the one thing I said since we first had him is that he has the ability. I don't think we miss a beat when LeSean (McCoy) is out for a play or two. I think LeSean feels comfortable, if he has a big run, 'Hey I can go out for a play because 43 can go in and there is not a drop off.' He is a really, really good weapon to have on your side."

On what made the Eagles so interested in trading for Parkey in August: "We liked his, just statistically looking at him, what he did in college, and obviously what he was doing in the preseason and we knew he had a big leg and we just felt like we had to get a big leg, obviously you are not going to make every field goal you kick but if you can have a weapon that is going to help you on a kickoff standpoint also. We were really looking hard for a guy for a big leg and when he became available it just, it was a great fit for us. We were fortunate enough to make the trade for him. He was just in a situation, they have a Hall of Fame kicker here and I don't think it was any indication of Cody, it was just that Adam Vinatieri is just one of the all-time best that has played this game and we were fortunate enough that we were able to get him."

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